Tragedy Inspires Comedy — 9 of the Best Memes to Come Out of 'You' Season 3

Jamie Lerner - Author

Oct. 19 2021, Published 12:11 p.m. ET

Joe and Love in 'You'
Source: Netflix

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Season 3 of You.

There’s a thin line between comedy and drama, and it turns out that that line is apparently a meme. Many of us cope with tragedy using humor. And, memes often come out of our impulsive need to make light of our frustrations, fears, and observations. The Netflix series You may be dark, but that hasn't stopped the onslaught of hilarious memes.

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Some pretty ridiculous things happen in Season 3 of You — Love goes on a murder spree, Joe thinks he’s done with his old ways, and we meet some exciting new characters. There’s nothing better than an internet full of fans making the best memes possible about You Season 3 on Twitter. Here are some of our favorites.

Theo in 'You' Season 3
Source: Netflix

Joe and Love Spider-Man meme

Joe and Love are virtually twins when it comes to morality, yet they point fingers anyway. As they try to figure out who’s the worst murderer, we can’t help but crack up at the classic Spider-Man meme.

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Joe and Love anticipating each other's next moves

Like our favorite nemeses/friends, SpongeBob and Squidward, Love and Joe play quite the game with each other. By the end of Season 3, each has doubly anticipated the other’s moves — to the point of Joe preemptively taking a poison anecdote. In comic terms, it’s basically the same thing as this SpongeBob sequence.

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We feel guilty too

Look, we wouldn’t be watching You in the first place if we didn’t have someone to root for. So yes, we all kind of want Joe and Love to work out and be happy … they’re perfect for each other! But we also feel guilty about it since they’re not the *best* people.

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Joe Goldberg’s hat

There’s no shortage of memes about Joe Goldberg’s infamous hat, but this one is easily the best. For some reason, every time Joe puts on his hat, he thinks he’s invisible. Obviously, he’s not. The only way to become truly invisible is of course Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak.

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Joe cleaning up Love’s messes

Joe and Love might both be murderers, but while Joe is much more premeditative, Love likes to kill on impulse. Because of this, Joe is often left cleaning up Love’s messes … and each time he “gets the call,” he basically reacts like a husband who has to do his duty and doesn’t want to.

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Love’s impulse to kill

Basically, any time that Love is unhappy with someone, she is driven to hurt or kill them. SpongeBob with the coffin is a silly take on Love’s murderous ways.

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Our take on Sherry

Sherry is a divisive figure. She’s clearly a fake and privileged resident of Madre Linda. But by the end of You Season 3, we are totally rooting for her.

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Love after she kills

When considering Love’s impulsivity, there’s no scenario in which schoolgirl Ja’mie doesn’t fit. Plus, any girl who calls herself “random” is immediately hilarious, but in this case, Love really is “so random.”

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We love Theo

Probably our favorite meme of all the You memes. We can’t help but appreciate our new favorite character, Theo, who deserves all of our love. Sure, we’re watching for the “plot,” but now we’re really watching for the charming Theo (played by Dylan Arnold).

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Our favorite memes are the best of the bunch, but there’s plenty more out there, and plenty sure to come. Although we can only imagine the memes that Season 4 of You will bring … We can't wait to see Netflix’s Joe Goldberg in Paris.

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