Does Too Turnt Tony Have Any Tattoos — Specifically, on His Face?

Too Turnt Tony freaks out his mom with a face tattoo. Is it real? And is the first time the influencer has inked his body? Read on for the details.

Melissa Willets - Author

Aug. 30 2023, Published 12:00 p.m. ET

Influencer Too Turnt Tony has 2.1 million Instagram followers, and over 20 million followers on TikTok. And while they may have been amused by his latest antics getting a face tattoo, let's just say his family was far from happy about the front-and-center ink.

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But here's the question: Is Too Turnt Tony's face tattoo real?

Read on for details about his face ink, as well as to find out what other tattoos the social media star has decided to adorn his body with.

Too Turnt Tony has tattoos on his body — and now, maybe his face, too.

Too Turnt Tony has shared some Instagram posts that reveal he does have some tattoos on his body — specifically on his legs.

The influencer does not appear to have any permanent ink on his torso.

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But in late August 2023, the influencer seemingly got a face tattoo of his name, which didn't sit too well with his family.

Not only did Tony's mom completely flip out via FaceTime when he called her from the tattoo chair, but after he went home with the ink, she became extremely agitated and yelled at him in an expletive-laced rant that he had really messed up his face.

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Tony's Nonnie was not impressed either, although she joked that the new look was giving off Mike Tyson vibes.

So did Tony really get a face tattoo, or is he messing with people?

Did Too Turnt Tony really get a permanent face tattoo?

"Your mom's blood pressure has to be off the charts," one Instagram commenter joked upon viewing the viral clip of Tony coming home to his nonplussed family.

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But it seems that the social media star was just looking to get a rise out of his parents and grandmother, since he later clarified that the ink is temporary.

Not only will his family probably be very relieved, but fans also felt that adding permanent ink to his chiseled features was a bad move. As one TikTok user said, "You are too pretty for that on your face!"

Similarly, as someone else pointed out, Tony's own father had joked that he loved himself too much to tattoo his face.

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Many other commenters couldn't get over how if Tony's Nonnie wasn't into the idea, it must be terrible! And several more attempted to persuade the influencer to treat his mom to a spa day after giving her a near heart attack.

Getting a fake face tattoo was all in the name of Too Turnt Tony's "job."

It seems the entire stunt to get a tattoo on his face was actually a dare from a follower, who urged Tony to get the daring ink.

"You think I won't?" he responded to the challenge. "My job is a TikToker."

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We then see Tony visit the tattoo parlor, and apparently fake getting the cheek tats.

From there, it all goes down hill when Tony fakes out his mom that her son now has his social media handle inked across his face. In the end, mom can chill of course — until the next time her attention-hungry offspring looks for clicks by bating her with a stunt.

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