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Source: Getty Images

Tweets From Lady Gaga That Are Just Too Real


Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta aka Lady Gaga has always been an icon. She was born this way, baby! 

But raw meat dress and the Oscar win aside, there is one place that Lady Gaga has been doing the most, and it’s not the studio (give us another album!) or on a movie screen – it’s Twitter. 

Whatever has gotten into Gaga lately, we love it. Maybe the launch of her makeup line Haus Labs has made her more fearless with her online personality. Maybe she’s serving up sass via Twitter dot com because she’s starring in Ridley Scott’s new Gucci murder movie. Either way, Mother Monster DGAF and she’s conquering the social media site like a true queen. 

Like music legend and Twitter icon Cher, many of Gaga’s best tweets lack punctuation. And because these nuggets of goodness crop up every so often in between tweets promoting her various entertainment endeavors, we know they're actually her. 

Though they tend to be random asides with little to nothing to do with the majority of what she is promoting on her feed, they are definitely MOOD as hell. 

Check out these hilarious tweets from Lady Gaga:

1. She's anti-vape

Source: Twitter

On Sept. 20 Gaga basically came out against vaping. Healthy tissue lung queen!! 

She also formatted the tweet like a meme. You know, like a teen would.