What Does "DMV" Mean on TikTok? Slang Term Explained

Leave it up to TikTok to add a spin on a normally mundane word. "DMV" is seen all over the app, in comments, on videos, and viral hashtags.

Sarah Kester - Author

Feb. 22 2024, Published 3:39 p.m. ET

When someone hears DMV, the acronym usually elicits an immediate groan. That’s because the DMV — Department of Motor Vehicles — typically entails long lines and wait times to do important things like renewing your driver’s license or car registration. DMV is just one of many slang terms on TikTok.

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But leave it up to TikTok — the internet’s trendiest dictionary — to add a spin on this normally mundane word. Now, it’s seen all over the app, in comments, on videos, and viral hashtags. But what does DMV mean on TikTok?

We uncover the mystery here. Prepare for a few twists!

Meaning #1: DMV stands for Dance Music Challenge.

TikTok influencer Jalaiah Harmon knows all about setting trends. She’s the one who created the viral #renegade dance sequence that got everyone from Addison Rae and the D'Amelio sisters up and dancing. Jalaiah started another trend by posting videos of her dancing to music. This soon turned into the #dmvchallenge, which took off and had users all over the app posting their dance videos.

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Two women dancing as part of the DMV dance challenge on TikTok
Source: TikTok/@wh0ismyaaa.a

Meaning #2: DMV stands for Department of Motor Vehicles.

Not everything on TikTok is smoke and mirrors. DMV can also stand for the first obvious meaning that comes to mind, which is the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Since a huge part of TikTok is sharing relatable moments, users began sharing their stressful experiences of going to the DMV. But in a classic TikTok twist, they added comedic relief to the tense moments by adding music, viral sounds, and funny captions to their videos.

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For instance, a viral video from TikTok user @courtyana received over 9 million views. It showed her getting attitude from a DMV worker after she asked which camera she should look into for her driver’s license photo.

“The people at the DMV talk to you like Blacc Chyna momma,” she captioned the text overlay. For reference, Blacc Chyna’s mother Tokyo Toni has come under fire previously for her “toxic” behavior toward her daughter and her public spats.

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Another TikToker took a dig at the DMV by creating a parody video.

In it, he pretended to act like a DMV worker by being rude and impatient to customers. He demanded paperwork, refused to accept certain documents as proof, and refused to help other people when it wasn't their turn.

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Meaning #3: DMV stands for DC/Maryland/Virginia.

DMV can also stand for DC, Maryland, and Virginia — the greater DC metro area. If you live in these areas or are planning to visit there soon, you can use the hashtag function on TikTok to search for tourist hot spots. Simply search #DMV and you'll find the very best DMV has to offer in terms of restaurants, attractions, nightlife, and more.

Some users have also used #DMV to create videos that poke fun at what it’s like to live in the DMV. These users below claimed that it's cold to live there.

Plenty of terms have taken on a life of their own on TikTok thanks to every emerging trends. It's important to know the meaning of a word or term before using it. Now that you know the possible uses of DMV on TikTok, which one is your favorite?

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