Wait, Where Did Kenneth and Brittany Go on 'Love Is Blind'? (SPOILERS)

Brittany and Kenneth are another 'Love Is Blind' couple that doesn't make it to the altar — or even close.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Feb. 21 2024, Published 3:01 a.m. ET

Brittany and Kenneth walk with luggage on Love Is Blind
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Season 6 of Love Is Blind features five engaged couples, but by the end of the first nine episodes, it's clear that we're only getting two or three weddings. That's partly because one of the couples, Kenneth and Brittany, end their journey soon after they leave the pods. But they end things so abruptly that many viewers want to know what happened to Kenneth and Brittany and where they went after Episode 8.

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To be fair, Kenneth and Brittany do sneak up on us in the pods as one of the final couples to make their relationship official. But, despite having no drama before they meet, the pair do find it hard to acclimate to life in the real world when they arrive home in North Carolina after their trip to the Dominican Republic. And from there, they experience some issues that even pod love can't fix.

Brittany and Kenneth get massages on Love Is Blind
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What happened to Kenneth and Brittany on 'Love Is Blind' and do they come back?

At the beginning of Episode 8, Brittany assures Kenneth that they "have what it takes" to make their relationship work. However, later in the episode, we see another discussion between them go a bit differently. When Brittany tells Kenneth that he hasn't been home much, he replies with a list of the reasons he hasn't been home which, according to him, have nothing to do with simply not wanting to be in the shared apartment with his bride-to-be.

Brittany admits that the "desire and crave" that she needs there to be is missing. And there does seem to be something missing between them. And after Kenneth admits that it isn't fair to either of them to "force something," and he tells Brittany that "this is not going to work," we don't see this couple again. Apparently, this is our farewell scene, because Kenneth and Brittany don't appear to pop up again in Season 6 of Love Is Blind.

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There's no explanation in the following episode about where Brittany and Kenneth are or what happened to them, but it's clear that they break up before they can even get close to their nuptials. And, as of Episode 9, neither come back. As far as we're concerned, they are a Season 6 couple that leaves the pods and breaks up before they can even start planning their wedding. It's just confusing for fans why there is no real explanation given for the abrupt ending to their story.

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'Love Is Blind' often has other untelevised engagements each season.

Brittany and Kenneth are an example of Love Is Blind producers making the decision to show what is most important to the ongoing storylines. And if Kenneth and Brittany aren't part of the other relationships, then apparently they don't need to be part of the show once they split up. And the same goes for the pod relationships that result in engagements each season, but don't see any camera time in the edited episodes.

Kenneth and Brittany in bed together on Love Is Blind
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Each season of Love Is Blind features couples like that, who viewers don't even learn about until well after the first set of episodes drop. Whether that's because these couples are less dramatic, or there just isn't room in the budget to include more than four or five engagements, it's hard to say.

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