What Happened to Sarah Michelle Gellar? Here's What We Know About Her Recent Surgery

Sarah Michelle Gellar announced she is recovering from surgery. So, what happened? Read below for more details about the harrowing experience!

Emma Saletta - Author

Oct. 7 2023, Published 3:35 p.m. ET

The Gist:

  • Sarah Michelle Gellar shared an Instagram post on Oct. 4, 2023 confirming that she was recovering from surgery.
  • The actress said what the surgery was for, and gave a brief explanation as to why she needed it.
  • She's received praise for her portrayal of Kristin Ramsey in the Paramount+ series, Wolf Pack.
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Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar is currently recovering from a surgery due to "aggressive" decisions she made regarding her physical health, and those choices may come as a shock to fans.

Sarah confirmed in a Oct. 4 Instagram post that she is currently recovering from a surgery she needed due to being an "aggressive brusher." The star appears to be OK after the surgery, especially given a smile as big as the one she flashed on Instagram.

The surgery left Sarah with only once piece of advice to share with her fans: "Brush gently." The Wolf Pack star needed a specific surgery for her brushing issues that is actually more common than people think. In fact, the way someone brushes their teeth can make all the difference in the world for their smiles. For those who want to know why, read below!

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So, what exactly happened to Sarah Michelle Gellar?

According to Sarah, her brushing habits were the reason why she needed a gum graft, a type of dental surgery performed to correct the effects of gum recession. The procedure involves removing healthy tissue from the roof of the mouth and using it to build the gum back up where it has receded.

Meanwhile, Sarah may have experienced increased sensitivity while eating or drink hot food and drinks without the surgery. It also takes place slowly, and people who experience gum recession may not know it's happening until it's too late.

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If Sarah Michelle Gellar didn't get surgery, her condition could have worsened.

If gum recession were to be left untreated, it's possible that one could experience tooth loss next. And this all happens due to how someone brushes their teeth.

"Using excessive energy on your teeth while brushing is another way of attracting gum recession," said celebrity dentist, Dr. Anthony Mobasser. "The excessive force one applies on their toothbrush chips away at the gum until it’s no more."

Another issue that can happen if going without treatment is a diagnosis of gum disease, which is an infection of the tissue that holds your teeth in place. Gum disease is common, and former baseball player Alex Rodriguez even revealed his diagnosis on May 31, 2023 during an interview with CBS News.

Actress and talk show host Whoopi Goldberg has also been also honest with her battle with gum disease, and even discussed it on an episode of The View back in 2016.

Now that she's on the mend, be sure to check out The Paramount+ series Wolf Pack, which is receiving mixed reviews, with some of its praise going to Sarah.

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