Tomi Lahren Seems Quieter but She's Still Making the News

Since 2017, Tomi Lahren has made headlines as a conservative provocateur. But in 2024, she seems irrelevant. What happened to her?

Jamie Lerner - Author

Feb. 23 2024, Published 3:20 p.m. ET

Tomi Lahren at No Safe Spaces event
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We’re on the toes of another presidential election and with it, another Donald Trump versus Joe Biden matchup. The last time this happened in 2020, conservative provocateur Tomi Lahren was consistently making headlines with her controversial takes. But in 2024, she’s strangely silent in comparison.

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Tomi first started working in the news in 2014, when she rose in the ranks of California-based news organizations. This led her to work at The Blaze in 2017, although she was suspended without pay for voicing pro-choice views. While she is anti-abortion, her belief in a limited government is consistent with little government interference in women’s bodies. However, she’s still staunchly anti-immigrant and anti-Black Lives Matter. But what happened to her?

Tomi Lahren at Politicon 2019
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What happened to Tomi Lahren? She doesn’t seem as relevant as she used to be.

Some people love Tomi, and some people hate her, but one thing’s for sure: she elicits an opinion from anyone who cares about politics. In the past, she has said some truly horrendous things when it comes to race and immigration, standing firmly with the Republican party’s xenophobic values. At the same time, she has no problem speaking her mind on women’s rights and believes that everyone is entitled to their views on any issue.

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“You can be Christian, conservative, and a proud Trump supporter and believe people should not be fired for who they love,” she said on Fox News, defending Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court decisions that ruled businesses can't fire LGBTQ+ people for their sexualities or gender identities.

“Conservative doesn’t come in one flavor, one race, one religion, one gender or one sexuality … and I won’t sit by quietly and allow certain self-righteous and self-appointed and anointed conservative thought policemen make that decree.”

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We expect Tomi still supports Donald Trump, but she has made fewer controversial statements in recent years. Perhaps she even likes the Biden presidency, but if she said that were the case, she’d be defying the reputation she has built over the years. We doubt this is true, but the less Tomi speaks, the more we speculate.

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Tomi Lahren is married and still working at Fox News.

Tomi started working at Fox News in August 2017 as a contributor, but she sees herself as more of a commentator than a journalist. As the election goes into high gear, we’re sure to see more of her going forward to commentate on Biden’s campaign with her hot takes. She originally went viral for short clips of “final thoughts” at the end of her Blaze segments. Now, Tomi is following up on that by hosting Tomi Lahren Is Fearless on Outkick.

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Tomi’s personal life has settled down a bit since she got married in 2022. At the rise of her fame, she was dating Brandon Fricke, who she got engaged to in 2019. However, they called off the engagement in 2020, and by early 2021, Tomi was linked to Fox broadcaster and former MLB catcher J.P. Arencibia. Tomi announced their engagement later that year and they got married on Oct. 21, 2022.

Tomi and J.P. live together with their “chihuahua mutt named Kota” in Nashville. And although this may have contributed to Tomi’s relative silence, she has still said some controversial things lately. In early February 2024, she remarked on Chinese immigration to the U.S. “Once again, they’re coming for economic reasons,” she said to Sky News of immigrants seeking asylum. “If they have other national security issues and risks, that’s a whole other can of worms that I don’t even want to open.”

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Tomi added, “If they’re just coming here for economic reasons, that goes against this whole notion that these people that are coming are asylum seekers and refugees — they’re simply not.” Tomi must not be aware of China’s harsh work conditions under communism, but we’re glad she’s still her same old controversial self!

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