Hannah Is a Rebel Like Her Mom in 'The Handmaid's Tale'

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Nov. 3 2022, Published 2:37 p.m. ET

Jordana Blake as Hannah in 'The Handmaid's Tale'
Source: Hulu

Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers for The Testaments book, which is a sequel to The Handmaid's Tale.

For most of The Handmaid's Tale, we've been wondering what happens to June, how she escapes Gilead, and whether or not she lives by the end of the series. Now, fans want to know what happens to Hannah in The Handmaid's Tale. Because, let's face it, after getting new glimpses of June's older daughter throughout Season 5, the curiosity about where she ends up is real.

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In the Nov. 2 episode, we see Hannah at wife school, where she's learning what it takes to be a dedicated and devout wife in Gilead. She's only 12 years old, but apparently, now is the time for her and other girls her age to learn about being a wife to a commander someday.

Jordana Blake as Hannah in 'The Handmaid's Tale'
Source: Hulu

Jordana Blake as Hannah in 'The Handmaid's Tale.'

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But when we see Hannah, who goes by Agnes thanks to the parents who raise her under Gilead law, for a few brief minutes, she writes her pre-Gilead name in a notebook. And we're clued in on the fact that she isn't totally lost.

What happens to Hannah in 'The Handmaid's Tale'?

Prior to the Nov. 2 episode, fans of The Handmaid's Tale had feared the worst about what Hannah would remember of June. Many were convinced that Hannah wouldn't remember June or her father and the life they had before the U.S. fell and Gilead took over.

It has been about seven years since that happened at this point. Hannah has been in Gilead longer than she was in the world that was here before it.

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But since Hannah apparently remembers her name, how to write it, and she shows the small rebellion in doing so, we have to believe that she may end up with June again someday. Women are forbidden from reading and writing in Gilead. For Hannah to secretly write her name is a huge deal and it shows that, like June, she's a rebel.

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And if you're following what happens in The Testaments, the sequel to The Handmaid's Tale book, then you know there's hope for Hannah. In the book, Hannah becomes a rebel, much like Aunt Lydia. She gets married and has children, but she also eventually escapes Gilead. If the show follows that to some degree, then maybe we'll see Hannah get out by the end of the series.

'The Handmaid's Tale' fans are shook that Hannah remembers her name.

The scene where Hannah writes her name in a book will go down as one of the most monumental of the series. It lets viewers in on a few key things about who Hannah really is. She's already going against the regime and its rules regarding reading and writing. And she hasn't forgotten who she is and where she comes from.

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One fan shared on Twitter, "This was heart-stopping to watch. Hannah knows who she really is and she wrote her name which is a rebellion against Gilead. Whew."

Another wrote, "Hannah remembering who she is and fighting against Gilead just like her mom. My heart actually can't take it."

No matter what happens to June from this point forward, as viewers, we all have a renewed hope in where Hannah's story ends up.

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