What Is the Morning Duo? The TikTok Girls Promoting It Work for a Multi-Level Marketing Brand

Kelly Corbett - Author

Dec. 5 2023, Published 3:40 p.m. ET

tiktok users morning duo
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The Gist:

  • TikTok users are praising the morning duo drink combo for its ample health benefits.
  • The morning duo which consists of one cup of aloe vera followed by one cup of coffee.
  • The majority of users touting morning duo fans appear to be buying these beverages from the beauty and nutrition multi-level marketing company It Works.
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The girls love sipping on multiple drinks at once, especially in the a.m. We guzzle coffee for energy, water because we’re supposed to, and often sip on something tasty as a "fun beverage." It’s practically girl math that you need to be drinking more than one beverage at once.

That said, the latest TikTok fad, known as the morning duo, consists of drinking two drinks each morning, and users are claiming that this drink combo is rife with health benefits.

While the beverage combination appears to be safe if one tried to emulate it at home, it appears users aren't turning to the supermarket to get their drinks, but rather to beauty and nutrition multi-level marketing company called It Works, which has been dubbed a pyramid scheme online. Keep reading as we break down what the morning duo is, its alleged health benefits, and the company behind it.

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What is the morning duo drink on TikTok?

TikTok has brought mainstream popularity to a handful of drinks including whipped coffee, and Starbucks's medicine ball and did wonders for cherry tart juice's reputation after users claimed it helped them go to sleep.

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The latest beverage or rather beverage set on TikTok gaining traction is what is being called the morning duo. Essentially, the morning duo is drinking a cup of aloe vera followed by a cup of coffee. These drinks are intended to be consumed one after the other for a laundry list of health benefits.

What are the alleged health benefits of morning duo drink on TikTok?

TikTok users claim that consuming the morning duo will lead to weight loss, less bloating, better skin, improve gut health, boost energy levels. There are many video of morning duo devotees sharing before and after photos of their body after implementing the morning duo into daily routine.

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What is the morning duo drink recipe?

The morning duo is one cup of aloe vera followed by one cup of coffee. But, you're probably wondering how users are getting drinkable aloe vera? Before you go stocking up on the succulent plant, aloe vera juice does exist and can be be purchased at popular retailers like CVS and Target. It is safe to drink daily and similar to coffee, the beverage does offer some health benefits. But you likely wouldn't see as drastic results as the girls on TikTok.

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You see, the majority of users promoting the morning duo are specifically promoting aloe vera juice concentrate and fat burning coffee sold by the the brand It Works, which claims to be "an industry leading beauty and nutrition company that empowers people to live the life of their dreams."

Each morning, morning duo stans are consuming one serving of the brand's aloe juice vera concentrate in water followed by the brand's skinny cold brew supplement, which also is mixed into water.

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Elsewhere on the internet, users are claiming It Works is a pyramid scheme.

It Works follows the controversial business MLM strategy which means sellers try to sell products to their friends and family — often on social media— and then try to and recruit others to do the same. Historically MLMs don't have shining reputations as some rely on false health claims and prey on vulnerable people. That said, it begs the question: Is It Works a legit brand or a pyramid scheme?

It's hard to tell without having a medical expert evaluate the ingredients in It Works products. But many folks on the internet are leaning towards yes.

One user on TikTok even wrote, "It Works = pyramid scheme that glorifies eating disorders."

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On other platforms like X, one woman shared the multiple messages she received on Facebook from someone who was a rep for It Works claiming that it was "gross/sad" for this woman to keep messaging her since she never replied.

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