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Source: ABC

Unfortunately, [Spoiler] Makes it to the Final Four on 'The Bachelor'


Producers for The Bachelor are already laying the drama on thick this season, and some contestants' ability to cry on command is definitely helping them amp up the stakes. 

If you've been watching Season 24 consistently, you know a lot of the girls have teared up more than once. And Kelsey Weier is no exception to this. We shouldn't be surprised, really, since before the season even started she coined the term "crying is cool."

If her crying over "Champagne-Gate" for a whole three episodes wasn't enough for you, then you're probably a little fed up with her tears after the most recent episode — we're pretty sure she was teary-eyed for most of it.

Those who are especially sick of her melodrama meltdowns are now asking when she will finally leave the season. And unfortunately, it won't be any time soon.