Fans Want to Watch 'Survivor' ASAP and There's More Than One Way to Enjoy the Show

Every week of 'Survivor' brings new drama and we all want to keep up with it as soon as possible! When do new episodes stream?

Jamie Lerner - Author

Mar. 14 2024, Updated 10:19 p.m. ET

Nami tribe running on 'Survivor'
Source: CBS

In March 2021, Survivor fans were given a gift with Paramount Plus. At the time, the new streaming platform allowed fans to watch old episodes of Survivor from their homes whenever they wanted without purchasing each individual episode. With over 40 seasons and hundreds of episodes, this changed the future of the game.

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Plus, Survivor gained a whole new group of fans during COVID-19 because more people were spending time at home. Without Paramount Plus, this likely wouldn't have happened. And with the New Era casting mostly fans, many of the people in newer seasons may have never been on the show if it weren't for Paramount Plus and COVID-19. However, many cord-cutting fans want to know when the newest episodes will be available to stream on the platform.

Green tribe finishes challenge on 'Survivor 46'
Source: CBS
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New episodes of 'Survivor' come out on Paramount Plus at 3 a.m. EST the next day.

While Survivor episodes air at 8 p.m. EST (and a little later on the West Coast), all cord-cutters receive episodes at the same time on Paramount Plus. The streaming platform has engineered it so that no matter what, if you weren't able to watch the episode live (or record it using DVR), you'll need to wait at least a few hours to watch it while streaming.

In some ways, this is a bummer. But on the bright side, it means that the episode of Survivor will live on forever ... or as long as you're paying for a Paramount Plus subscription, which starts at $59.99 per year or $5.99 per month — a relatively low cost compared to other streamers. This is likely because Paramount Plus is ad-supported, so its lowest-price tier relies on ads to make up the cost, which is basically just pushing us back into the world of watching commercials.

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Rock draw during Survivor 33: Millennials vs. Gen X
Source: CBS

Even still, it's nice to have the option to watch Survivor without having any cable. We get to see crazy things each week, from castaways eating ants for protein (although it has been proven that the effort to eat the ant outdoes any sort of nutritional value it could bring) to unfortunate medical evacuations. In just three episodes, Season 46 has already brought us emotional outbursts, fake idols, power alliances, and impressive challenge performances.

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Where else can we watch episodes of 'Survivor'?

While Survivor's main home is on CBS and Paramount Plus, there are also episodes of Survivor on Hulu and Netflix. While Hulu used to have almost every season, it now hosts episodes from Seasons 2 through 7 and Seasons 20 through 25, although some episodes may be missing from complete seasons.

Cast members from 'Survivor: Pearl Islands' running
Source: CBS
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On Netflix, there are only two seasons available: Seasons 7 and 33. However, they are both iconic seasons. Season 7 (Pearl Islands) is often considered one of the best seasons of all time with some of the most memorable characters, such as Rupert and Queen Sandra. Season 33 (Millennials vs. Gen X) has an intriguing theme that's relatable to many at-home viewers, so it makes sense as to why those two seasons are on Netflix.

But no matter what, if you want to watch live and join in on the social media Survivor frenzy, then the best way to watch live is just by tuning into CBS at 8 p.m. EST every Wednesday.

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