When Can We Expect a Season 3 for 'One-Punch Man'? It's Been Years Since Season 2

When is Season 3 of 'One-Punch Man' coming out? The popular action anime premiered a second season back in 2019, but there's been little news since.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Jul. 13 2023, Published 6:32 p.m. ET

Over the past few years, we've seen some classic anime favorites like Bleach and even The Devil is a Part-Timer return with all-new seasons after a long hiatus. While the length of absence for this particular anime hasn't been nearly as the aforementioned series, One-Punch Man is an anime that has been sorely missed by its considerable fan base.

Adapted from the manga by Mob Psycho 100 creator One, the story follows a disillusioned superhero who can defeat literally any foe with one punch.

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The original web-based manga was reworked into an acclaimed full-fledged manga with illustrations by Yusuke Murata. It was subsequently adapted into an anime in 2015 which was released to glowing reviews.

As of this writing, the series has had two seasons which were already separated by several years. When can fans expect to see a third season? It's been a while since Season 2 ended and there's plenty of manga left to adapt, but what's the latest on the anime? Here's what we know so far.

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When is Season 3 of 'One-Punch Man' coming out?

Season 1 of the popular anime first debuted in October 2015. Having first been produced by Madhouse of Death Note fame, it received critical acclaim with many praising the show's humor and animation to be unparalleled at the time.

Season 2 wouldn't come out for another several years until 2019. However, the anime changed studios in between seasons, with the second installment being worked on by J.C. Staff. Many cite this production switch as the leading cause for the anime's perceived dip in quality.

Not only did Season 2 not review as well as the first, but outlets like IGN called it "mediocre" in execution. While the humor and characters still had some life in them, many felt as if the production quality for the action sequences fell far below the lofty standard that the first season had previously set. Sweeping motions and detailed close-ups had given way to choppy editing and glorified still-shots in a second installment that failed to meet expectations.

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Despite this, fan demand for a third season of One-Punch Man is still high, with many hoping that the show could return to its former glory.

The good news? The third season of the anime was announced back in August 2022, meaning that Saitama's return is officially on the horizon. The not-so-good news? There has been little new information since Season 3's unveiling. What's more, the animation studio for the third season has not yet been announced, leaving fans to wonder if Season 3 can recapture the anime's former glory.

Our best estimate would date the new anime for late 2023 or sometime throughout 2024. Keep reading Distractify for any new updates on the series as soon as they come out.

The first two seasons of One-Punch Man are available on Netflix and Hulu.

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