Where Is the McRib Available? The Iconic Sandwich Is Making a Return to McDonald's Menus Nationwide

Robin Zlotnick - Author

Oct. 1 2021, Updated 1:01 p.m. ET

Throughout the 66 years that McDonald's has been in business, its menu has seen quite a bit of change. Whether it be seasonal promotions or collaborations with big-name artists like Travis Scott, BTS, and Saweetie, the fast-food chain knows how to keep things interesting. Now, they're bringing back one of their most iconic on-and-off menu staples yet again: The McRib!

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McDonald's teases us by releasing the iconic sandwich for a limited time pretty much every year and now, it's officially the season for the sandwich!

The saucy and satisfying McRib will once again be sold nationwide starting on Nov. 1, 2021, But where is the McRib available?

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Where is the McRib available?

We knew that the McRib was in season because they started popping up once again on the fan-made McRib Locator. This incredible site allows you to find a McRib, report a McRib sighting, or even see a map of the latest McRibs.

According to an official press release provided to Distractify, the McRib "will make its triumphant return to McDonald’s USA menus this fall — you can grab the craveable sandwich beginning Nov. 1 for a limited time at participating restaurants nationwide."

Curious customers can check the McDonald's app or call to inquire with their local restaurant to see if they're participating in the sandwich's glorious return.

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What exactly is in a McRib, anyway?

Why is this scarce sandwich so beloved? Well, it's a little unclear. The McRib hit McDonald's menu way back in 1981. It's had three farewell tours, in 2005, 2006, and 2007, but like a zombie, it somehow keeps rising from the dead.

The sandwich is comprised of a homestyle roll, pickles, onions, and a nebulous rib-shaped pork patty slathered in BBQ sauce. It's not exactly fine dining, but it's a total classic.

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We all know that ribs tend to have, well, bones in them, which is why the McRib's bonelessness is odd to some. Per Wikipedia, the McRib patty is "a restructured boneless pork patty shaped like a miniature rack of ribs."

As for the meat inside of it, it's primarily ground pork shoulder.

When is the McRib available?

The McRib, according to Business Insider, is "McDonald's weird, secret weapon." This year, it's coming just after Halloween and just ahead of Thanksgiving, the perfect time to indulge. For 2021, the McRib is available from Nov. 1 until whenever they decide to yank it off the shelves again.

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The number of stores that carry it varies too. In 2019, it was around 10,000. In the 2020 and 2021 seasons, the sandwich has gone nationwide. Unfortunately, there's no guarantee that a store that had it last year will still carry it this year. The McRib is a bandit, coming and going in the night like the wind.

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But that doesn't stop the McRib's most loyal fans from tracking down the sandwich wherever it may be. Alex Klein, who created the McRib locator, told Entrepreneur magazine in 2013 that he "nearly drove four hours last year to get one," but found a closer one as he was getting ready to leave. That's some commitment right there.

Get ready to get your McRibs, folks! It's chomping season!

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