Midna’s Helmet Is a Powerful Piece of Armor – Here’s Where to Find it in 'Tears of the Kingdom'

Jon Bitner - Author

May 18 2023, Published 4:05 p.m. ET

There’s tons of intriguing armor to collect in Tears of the Kingdom, but few pieces are as exciting as Midna’s Helmet. It’s not new to the Zelda universe, however, as the eponymous Midna wore it in Twilight Princess, and it even made an appearance in DLC for Breath of the Wild.

Thankfully, you don’t need to make a microtransaction to get Midna’s Helmet this time around. Here’s where to find Midna’s Helmet in The Depths in Tears of the Kingdom.

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Where to find Midna’s Helmet in The Depths.

Like many powerful items in Tears of the Kingdom, Midna’s Helmet is located in The Depths. To get there, you’ll need to dive into the Eventide Island Chasm, located in the very southeastern corner of Hyrule. An easy way to find it is by heading to Lurelin Village and looking out at the Necluda Sea.

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You might need to construct a boat to get there, but once you’ve reached it you can dive right to the bottom. Be sure to bring a bunch of Brightbloom Seeds, as The Depths are oppressively dark — and you won’t be able to navigate without them.

After diving into The Depths, you’ll eventually be met by a large, impassable wall. Thankfully, a small hallway can be found nearby, although you’ll need to use a few of the aforementioned Brightbloom Seeds to get through.

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After getting through this hallway, you’ll emerge inside a coliseum. Interact with the chest inside the coliseum to trigger a wave of enemies. These Bokoblins aren’t easy, so it’s best to have a bit of food and powerful weapons in your arsenal before starting the fight.

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All told, there are five waves of monsters you’ll need to defeat. Each wave consists of different types of Bokoblins (Red, Blue, Black, and Silver), and your best chance for success is always going after the ranged enemies first. These Bokoblins are pesky and able to interrupt your attacks, but it only takes a few hits to defeat them.

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Once you’ve cleared all five waves, the chest will unlock. Open it to receive the Midna’s Helmet legendary item. Its base defense is 7, and it also imparts a bit of Gloom resistance to Link, making your adventures into The Depths a bit less frightening.

Midna’s Helmet is plenty powerful, but unlike other armor in Tears of the Kingdom, it cannot be upgraded at Great Fairy Fountains. This means you might want to invest in other armor sets when exploring the surface of Hyrule, while Midna’s Helmet is a better companion in Gloom-infested locations such as The Depth.

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Having trouble clearing all five waves? Try mixing up a few elixirs or loading up on rupees to spend on food items. It might take a bit of planning (and a lot of skill), but overcoming the odds and claiming Midna’s Helmet is worth the effort.

Tears of the Kingdom is now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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