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'The Challenge: USA' Misleads the Audience About Its Filming Locations

Jamie Lerner - Author

Jul. 13 2022, Published 9:37 a.m. ET

The CBS reality television family is an expansive one, so it’s only fitting that they have their own version of The Challenge, now titled The Challenge: USA. It premiered on July 6, 2022, and already has over 2 million viewers ready to see what happens in the rest of the season. However, many of these viewers are wondering where exactly The Challenge: USA was filmed.

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Because the new spin-off series, based on MTV’s The Challenge, is a USA version, it only makes sense to think that it was filmed in the United States. However, fans may be surprised by the truth about where The Challenge: USA was filmed.

Javonny Vega and Cely Vazquez in 'The Challenge: USA'
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‘The Challenge: USA’ was filmed in Buenos Aires.

Although this version of The Challenge is specifically with USA contestants from Big Brother, Survivor, The Amazing Race, and Love Island USA, it’s still filmed out of the country. Why is this?

Melvin "Cinco" Holland Jr., Xavier Prather, Tasha Fox, Cayla Platt, Desi Williams, Javonny Vega, Alyssa Lopez, David Alexander, and James Wallington in 'The Challenge: USA'
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Well, it’s likely because filming costs are much lower outside of the USA, and production likely has a lot more freedom of movement somewhere like in Buenos Aires, Argentina as well. At least some segments of The Challenge: USA have been filmed in one of Buenos Aires’s soccer arenas for some of the challenge setup.

When was 'The Challenge: USA' filmed?

Filming began in March 2022 and completed in June, taking advantage of Buenos Aires’s beautiful fall season weather. Due to some COVID-19 outbreaks, there were delays in filming throughout the process, but filming finally wrapped in June, which gave the editors just one month to put together the first season of this new iteration of The Challenge.

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Other versions of ‘The Challenge’ may be filmed elsewhere.

Even though The Challenge: USA isn’t filmed in the USA, we have no idea where future iterations of The Challenge will be filmed. What we do know is that the country each season is associated with has nothing to do with the location, but with the contestants. After The Challenge: USA, CBS is slated to produce three international versions for Australia, Argentina, and the UK. Each of these versions will feature contestants from those countries’ reality shows.

T.J.Lavin in 'The Challenge: USA'
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This will all culminate in The Challenge: Global Championship, in which the best contestants from each season will come together to compete for the ultimate prize, and the ultimate title. It’s likely that The Challenge: Global Championship will also be filmed in Buenos Aires, and all five iterations of the series will stream exclusively on Paramount Plus. It’s a major bid for Paramount Plus to get more subscribers, and in all honesty, it’s not the worst way to do it.

The Challenge: USA airs every Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.

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