Here's Who Gets Engaged in Season 5 of 'Love Is Blind' — Including the Couples You Didn't See (SPOILERS)

Season 5 of Netflix's Love Is Blind featured three engagements — as well as four engagements that viewers didn't get to see, reportedly.

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Oct. 13 2023, Updated 12:36 p.m. ET

Nick and Vanessa Lachey on Love Is Blind
Source: Netflix

The Gist:

  • Season 5 of Love Is Blind featured three engagements, though not all of them lasted.
  • There were reportedly five other proposals not featured in the show.
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Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Love Is Blind Season 5, Episodes 110.

The point of Love Is Blind is for couples to form and for people to fall in love and get engaged before they ever meet their partner face-to-face. And Season 5 is no different, with proposals in the first few episodes.

So, who gets engaged in Season 5 of the Netflix hit? Like the four seasons that came before it, we started out with singles from a major U.S. city (this time, Houston, Texas) who were ready to settle down. But we also had some surprises about the cast members and their prior relationships, and we could see that the fifth season would have some messy storylines. Still, people were there for love. And we have details on who got engaged this time around.

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A Love Is Blind engagement ring in Season 5
Source: Netflix

Who got engaged in Season 5 of 'Love Is Blind' — and who made it to the altar?

In the first few episodes of Season 5 of Love Is Blind, the couples who got engaged were:

  • Lydia and Milton
  • Stacy and Izzy
  • JP and Taylor

But they all had some kind of baggage going into their engagements, which guaranteed some drama along the way.

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Izzy and Stacy in Season 5 of Love Is Blind
Source: Netflix

Izzy (left) fell hard for Stacy (right) in the pods after he initially fell for Johnie.

Taylor and JP got engaged first, but they ended up breaking things off during the couples' getaway when Taylor realized she loved the person in the pods and not the JP she met in real life. One thing that upset Taylor was when JP told her during the getaway that he didn't like how much makeup she was wearing when they first met in person; it concerned him that she was "fake." Sadly, these two didn't make it very far in their engagement.

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Stacy and Izzy started strong but endured some hiccups, and Stacy still didn't seem completely sold by the time their wedding day rolled around. At the altar, she told Izzy that she needed more time for their relationship, including time for him to earn her trust after he wasn't completely forthcoming about his credit score. But while she reassured him that she loved him and his calming presence in her life, Izzy was hurt that she wasn't ready to commit yet, and their status was unclear by the end of Episode 10.

Lydia and Milton bonded in the pods over their love of geology and fell head-over-heels for each other after they first met in person. Even at 24, Milton impressed viewers with his mature and rational outlook on life and relationships. He didn't let any drama with Uche — i.e., Lydia's ex-boyfriend who also appeared on the season and claimed that Lydia "stalked" him and only went on the show because she found out he'd be on it — get in the way of his love for Lydia. The two got happily married in Episode 10.

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Uche and Milton meet up on Love Is Blind
Source: Netflix

Milton (right) did not give a damn what Uche (left) had to say about his girl.

What happened with Uche and Aaliyah?

Following Lydia and Uche's admission of their relationship from before filming, Aaliyah opted to leave the experiment right before Uche proposed to her. However, in the second batch of episodes that dropped on Netflix, we saw the two of them meet outside of the pods. Aaliyah told Uche she still loved him, but Uche had already moved past everything. He didn't appreciate the way Aaliyah quit the experiment without telling him and he didn't see a future with her.

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Who were the other couples that got engaged in Season 5 of 'Love Is Blind' but weren't featured on the show?

According to reports, five other couples supposedly got engaged during the season.

Three of those couples got engaged but apparently didn't make it the couples' getaway: Jarred and Estefania; Josh and Paige (the latter of whom wrote on Instagram on Oct. 3 that she and Josh broke up but still love and respect each other); and Enoch and Erica.

Carter and Renee also got engaged and actually made it to the altar, but she ended up turning him down. Renee has since claimed that production told her that part of the reason they didn't feature her and Carter's story was because Carter was "awful" to her and they didn't want her to "relive that."

Another couple, Tran Dang and Thomas Smith, were not featured in any promo, but Trang has sued the show and alleged she was sexually assaulted by Thomas during the couples' getaway.

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When the Season 5 reunion ep drops on Oct. 15, we'll perhaps hear more about some of these couples — as well as updates about the couples who were actually featured on the show. Who's still together? And what about Johnie and Chris? We're counting down the days until we get our answers!

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