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Source: Getty Images

Taylor Swift Drops Hints About Relationship Status in New Album Calling It a "Love Letter to Love"


A mastermind at providing subtle nods and updates about her personal life through lyrics and symbolism, fans (including us) are constantly trying to crack the code on Taylor Swift’s secrets. Since the “cancel TS tour” of 2016, the music maven has mainly stayed hidden from prying eyes and paparazzi cameras, especially when it came to her dating life.  

Since 2006, Taylor has written songs about her exes, current boyfriends, and crushes. 

While she typically does not mention the men by name, die-hard T-Swift fans usually use context clues to trace the origin aka "what guy the song is about." For her upcoming album titled Lover (dropping August 23), we know that the artist has a lot to say, not only about today’s political climate (who isn’t still blasting “You Need to Calm Down?”), but about the state of her relationship status.