Why Are People so Mad at JoJo Siwa? Let's Investigate

JoJo said she wants to create a new genre called "gay pop," but maybe Jojo just hasn't heard pop music before.

Brandon Charles - Author

Apr. 9 2024, Published 5:32 p.m. ET

Jojo Siwa in April 2024
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Do people actually hate JoJo Siwa? We’re going with no. They may be offended by what she’s saying or her not-yet-real-tattoos or how she’s dancing or how she could be saying, tattooing, and dancing better, but they don’t actually hate her; they’re just people on the internet.

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Below, we take a closer look at what's going on with the public's reaction to the Dance Moms alum and singer.

Jojo Siwa in March 2024
Source: Getty Images
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What's with the hate for JoJo Siwa?

In the midst of a media tour promoting her April 2024 album Karma, the not-yet-old-enough-to-drink-alcohol performer has made some classic young-person type of "mistakes" in the public eye. But are any of the reasons people say they're upset with her bad enough to warrant any reaction?

"Want to." People are forgetting that JoJo says the words "want to" in relation to gay pop.

JoJo is a 20-year-old who’s been in the public eye since she was 13. Though she's surrounded by people who claim they love music, do you actually think anyone ever actually told her that what she wants to "create" was created at the dawn of popular music? In an April 2024 interview with Billboard, JoJo said she wanted to create a new music genre called "gay pop."

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In the same clip where JoJo says she wants to create "gay pop," JoJo name-drops Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus. She doesn’t mention the artists who inspired Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus. JoJo just doesn’t have the reference points. This doesn’t make her a bad person, just someone who doesn’t realize all of American popular music is either gay pop or related to gay pop. Just listen to Little Richard and go forward.

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While the @lemongayde post (above) is a relatively long TikTok expressing their deep disappointment in JoJo, Tegan and Sara posted a silent reaction video (below). It's safe to assume they might agree with @lemongayde.

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It’s not a horrible idea to experiment with temporary tattoos before getting the real thing.

Once again, JoJo is a 20-year-old person. Some appear to be upset because she’s playing around with temporary tattoos. Why exactly? Is she supposed to have a full sleeve of original art before her prefrontal cortex is done developing? I understand being upset if she "accidentally" had a temporary tattoo of something racist or sexist, but these are just super generic, so what's the actual problem?

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JoJo can actually dance. She’s proven it. She’s just rehearsing.

While it’s understandable to make fun of the person not exactly nailing every dance move, JoJo can dance. She literally made it onto television because she can dance. Sure, her mom is a Dance Moms mom so maybe she can’t dance? No, she can dance; she’s proven it. This is just rehearsal.

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Of all the kinda mean TikToks, this one (above) may carry the most weight. There's no reason to post this video. Why post this video?

Maybe JoJo just needs to calm down, listen to some music that was released before she was born, and consider getting one, quality, original tattoo. That should please everyone. Wait, no, that won’t please anyone. The internet is mean.

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