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Source: Netflix

November 6 Has Been Named 'Stranger Things' Day for the Coolest Reason


Attention non-mouth breathers and friends who don't lie: today, Nov. 6, has officially been declared Stranger Things Day. So grab your D&D boards, as well as a couple of walkie talkies, and prepare to spend the day celebrating the undeniably iconic Netflix original series. 

But, why is today Stranger Things day? The reason for commemorating the series on this day in particular actually makes total sense. 

Why is today Stranger Things Day? (Nov. 6)

Think back to the first season of Stranger Things: Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Will, and Lucas were still barely pre-teens (wild, right?). Eleven and Mike hadn't kissed, Max and Billy hadn't even moved to Hawkins, and Barbara was still in the picture (R.I.P. Babs).

But things quite literally turned upside down (get it?) when Will first vanished during a bike ride home from Mike's house. And when did Will go missing? During Season 1, Episode 1, which took place on Nov. 6.