Woman Feels Safe Leaving Her Baby Sleeping Outside and Unattended in Denmark

In a now-viral video, an influencer and mother shared the benefits of living in Denmark. She can leave her baby sleeping outside of the her home.

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Sep. 27 2023, Published 11:42 a.m. ET

If you’ve ever spoken to someone who recently traveled outside the U.S., you’ve likely heard them boast about how much better everything seems to be in foreign countries. The food is always better (because who can beat authentic cuisine?), the music is always louder, and the people are always more relaxed.

Due to life being seemingly better in other countries, it isn't surprising that many U.S. citizens decide to step away from the U.S. and build their lives elsewhere.

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Influencer Annie Samples did that when she and her four children moved to Denmark. Annie shares the benefits of living overseas full-time on her Instagram and TikTok accounts @annieineventryland. In September 2023, she revealed how she feels completely safe in her environment — so much so that she routinely leaves her baby sleeping outside her home!

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A woman on TikTok felt utterly safe leaving her baby unattended outside her home.

With a consistent rollout of mass school shootings and kidnappings across the U.S., I can see why Annie prefers living in Copenhagen, Denmark, with her husband and four kids. Whenever (or if ever) I decide to have children, I may take a page out of Annie’s travel guide.

One aspect of Denmark that felt hard to believe but is true is how incredibly safe the country seemingly is. On Sept. 18, 2023, Annie posted an 18-second TikTok of her reflecting on how she doesn’t think she will “ever get over” being able to leave her child in a stroller outside of her and her family’s home.

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In the video, Annie stood on her balcony as she said she was doing some chores with her youngest daughter when she realized the baby was sleeping in her stroller. Annie said she knew moving the baby upstairs would wake her, so she decided it would be best to leave her outside, where several stairs were between them.

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Annie said she “still can’t believe I live in a country where I can just leave my baby outside.” She then panned her phone’s camera to her baby girl, who was sleeping peacefully as Annie hid her face with a pink blanket. Annie ended the video by turning the camera on herself and expressing how fortunate she felt to have time and avoid interrupting her baby’s rest.

“She can take her nap while I take care of the things I need to take care of around the house,” Annie said, adding the “mind-blown” emoji to the video.

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Annie’s TikTok viewers commented on her video in disbelief.

Annie’s September 2023 TikTok was one of many videos of parents leaving their babies unattended in Denmark. As Annie highlighted in her post, Denmark has long been admired for being safe enough that parents never worry about their children being kidnapped.

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In addition to Annie’s video, TikTokers like Kelsey Kotzur (@kelsey_kotzur) have shared their amazement at Denmark’s safety practices. While the concept isn’t new, many people, particularly those living in the U.S., could never imagine trusting our babies to remain safe that far away.

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“My American soul hyperventilates,” one TikToker wrote in disbelief.

“I cannot imagine feeling that level of a sense of safety,” a second user stated. “Wow, what that would do for my nervous system.”

“You have made me want to move to Denmark so bad 😩,” a fellow mom said.

The level of trust and security in Denmark is obviously not something that Americans are used to. There are plenty of countries worldwide where leaving a baby unattended wouldn't end well. Kudos to Denmark!

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