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  • Night Journey from 'Alter Ego'

    Season 1 of the New Digital Music Competition 'Alter Ego' Has Crowned a Winner

    The season finale of digital music competition 'Alter Ego' is upon us, and fans want to know who won Season 1. Here's everything we know about the show.
    By Anna Garrison
  • Alter Ego
    Reality TV

    Will 'Alter Ego' on Fox Get a Second Season? The Potential for the New Singing Competition

    Fox's latest singing competiton hasn't exactly captivated audiences or critics, but where does 'Alter Ego' stand as freshman runs come to a close?
    By Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga
  • Grimes on 'Alter Ego'
    Reality TV

    Grimes' Two-Finger Clap on 'Alter Ego' Looks More Functional Than Quirky

    The judges on 'Alter Ego' each have very different reaction to watching virual singers, but Grimes' two-finger clap stands out the most.
    By Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga
  • Phoenix Embers on 'Alter Ego'

    Who Is Phoenix Embers on 'Alter Ego'? Here's What You Should Know About the Contestant

    Who is Phoenix Embers on 'Alter Ego'? The mysterious contestant has already caught the attention of 'Alter Ego' fans. Who are they? Read on for more.
    By Leila Kozma
  • Rocsi Diaz
    Reality TV

    The Host of 'Alter Ego' Has Been on TV for Years on Some of Your Favorite Shows

    Who is the 'Alter Ego' host? She has been on TV for years and has been on some really popular shows. But who is she and what else has she worked on?
    By Kori Williams
  • Misty Rose

    Fox's Singing Competition 'Alter Ego' Has a CGI Twist

    Fox's singing competition 'Alter Ego' gives people a second chance at fame via CGI avatars. Here's a recap of the show and what Twitter thinks.
    By Kori Williams
  • Dipper Scott on Alter Ego
    Reality TV

    Meet the Voice Behind Dipper Scott on 'Alter Ego'!

    Fox's new reality TV show 'Alter Ego' is making fans asks question... like, who is the real person behind the lovable Dipper Scott alter ego?
    By Stephanie Harper
  • Alter Ego Misty Rose Samaera Hirsch
    Reality TV

    Here's What We Know About the 21-Year-Old College Student Who's Behind 'Alter Ego' Misty Rose

    Who is Misty Rose on 'Alter Ego'? Fans are dying to know more about the 21-year-college student who plans to steal the show on Fox's new game show.
    By Pretty Honore
  • Alter Ego Safara  Mariah Rosario
    Reality TV

    Fox's Latest Reality Competition Uses Cutting-Edge Technology to Find the Next Digital Superstar

    What does the audience see on 'Alter Ego'? Fans are wondering how Fox's latest reality singing competition works. Here's what we know so far.
    By Pretty Honore
  • Queen Dynamite on 'Alter Ego'
    Reality TV

    Single Mom Dasharra Bridges Is Behind the Queen Dynamite Avatar on 'Alter Ego'

    Single mom Dasharra Bridges is getting a second shot at her goals on 'Alter Ego' by performing behind the avatar of Queen Dynamite.
    By Sara Belcher
  • Alter Ego Judges
    Reality TV

    ‘Alter Ego’ Judge Grimes Believes the Show’s Premise Is Good for Mental Health

    Art can become very disingenuous very quickly, but 'Alter Ego' judge Grimes believes the show's premise may help to combat that.
    By Mustafa Gatollari
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