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52% Of Men Believe They Don't Benefit From Women's Access To Birth Control

According to a new national survey by PerryUndem, a non-partisan polling group, 52% of American men don't believe that they have benefited from women having increased access to affordable healthcare. 

PerryUndem polled over one thousand registered voters across the United States  and found that generally, voters are pretty liberal when it comes to reproductive health. For example, they found that the majority of Americans opposed defunding Planned Parenthood, and that 80% of those surveyed believe women should be able to have non-procreative sex without fear of getting pregnant.

But they also discovered a disconnect between these views and the majority of men they surveyed. Only 37% of men said that affordable birth control has benefited them personally, 52% said that it had not, and 9% said they were unsure.

Men were most likely to say that birth control benefited them if they were between the ages of 18 and 44. Men over 60 were more likely to say that birth control had not benefited them. 

As you can imagine, the women of Twitter rightfully got pretty riled up about this total lack of knowledge about how human reproduction works. 

Apparently, 52% of men need to repeat high school biology.