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Source: Instagram

Justin "Big Chief" Shearer Is Not Leaving 'Street Outlaws' Anytime Soon

By Anna Quintana

There wouldn't be Street Outlaws without its leader Justin "Big Chief" Shearer, so when he is missing from an episode, viewers tend to panic and assume the professional street racer is no longer on the show. 

The Discovery series takes fans into the world of street racing in Oklahoma City — and if you want to satisfy your need for speed, you need to make it onto "The List," which just happens to be controlled by, you guessed it, the Big Chief. However, that doesn't mean he's guaranteed to appear on every episode. 

So, where is Street Outlaws head honcho Big Chief? 

Sometimes, the series will shift the focus to some of the other list racers in the 405 — including AZN, Daddy Dave, Murder Nova, and Farmtruck — which is why Big Chief might not be on the show. But no fear, he has no plans to leave the series anytime soon.