Are Bria and Simon Still Together? ‘Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard’ Tested the Couple

Bria said she and Simon were “over” in a Season 2 episode.

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May 13 2024, Published 2:24 p.m. ET

The penultimate episode of Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard Season 2 was dedicated to some topsy-turvy romances within the Oak Bluffs massive home. During the season, the “boo’d up” couples of the show were reunited with their paramours for a few days of partying and other extracurricular activities.

Unfortunately, reuniting didn’t “feel so good” for one fan-favorite couple from Season 1, Bria Fleming and Simon Marco.

After meeting at the Cannes Film Festival, Bria and Simon began dating in 2022.

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Simon quickly got along with the Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard cast, especially after gifting everyone one of his decadent watches on his first day in the house. But when he returned to the house in Season 2, his and Bria’s dynamics took a turn for the worse.

Bria said on the show that she and Simon were “over” and vowed never to bring him around her friends again. Since the explosive episode, fans have wanted to know where the pair stands today.

(l-r): Bria Fleming and Simon Marco
Source: Bravo
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Are Bria Fleming and Simon Marco from ‘Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard’ still together?

Bria and Simon have been very much together since Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard Season 2 wrapped. Bria said on Watch What Happens Live that they are spending most of her time in New York and Simon in Germany.

Despite the couple doing fine now, Simon’s Season 2 return showed them enduring a rocky reunion.

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Simon Marco
Source: Bravo

In Season 2, Episode 7, “Flamingo on the Bluffs,” Bria said in a confessional that Simon had been “acting like a d--k” since she told him he couldn’t stay at the house for over three days. She felt Simon was acting out by wearing an inflatable flamingo suit costume at Nick Arrington’s after-party for an event he held to honor his late friend and fraternity line brother, Aaron Bivens. As Simon paraded the suit around the house, Bria grabbed it off of him and told him, “You’re being trash as f--k.”

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Simon, who appeared intoxicated, didn’t know why Bria was so upset, stating he was just “having a good time.” Bria didn’t offer him any sympathy and said he was “causing problems for me.”

“This relationship is over,” Bria told Simon. “Pack your s--t up and go.”

Bria told Simon that he didn’t put her feelings on the same “pedestal.” After their housemates saw them arguing, Amir Lancaster drunkenly tried to intervene, but Bria appeared to be done.

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Bria decided her and Simon’s relationship was “worth salvaging.”

The next day, in Season 2, Episode 8, Bria told her friends Shanice Henderson, Noelle Hughley, and Amir’s girlfriend Natalie Cortes that she felt she and Simon needed “boundaries” put in place if their relationship stood a chance. In another scene, Simon and Bria discuss the many issues affecting them, including the fact they’re in an interracial relationship.

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Bria opened up about having to endure racist remarks by many of Simon’s friends and family as a Black woman living in Germany. She then equated the flamingo suit with Simon not “listening” to her when she told him about the racist remarks.

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Simon admitted he wasn’t perfect but said he would never do anything to “harm” his girlfriend. He then begged her to move forward, and she agreed to forgive him as long as he ensured she felt “secure” in the relationship.

“My relationship with Simon is worth salvaging,” Bria said. “He is always willing to give me a second chance even when I’m wrong and even when I’m going off for no reason.”

Simon and Bria hugged and decided to move forward. The couple seems to be in a good place now, and we hope it stays that way!

Catch new episodes of Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard on Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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