Where Are Phil and Mariah From 'Summer House: Martha's Vineyard' Now? Season 2 Update

Former housemates Phil and Mariah returned to make amends with the group after being asked to leave in Season 1.

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Apr. 30 2024, Updated 11:26 a.m. ET

Season 1 of Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard made a splash when it premiered on Bravo in May 2023. Bravoholics became enamored by the young, gifted, and Black roommates as they made Martha’s their own during the eight-week season. However, much like many ensemble reality shows, everyone couldn’t stay.

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Two SH: MV housemates who were asked by the group to leave were Phil Brooks and Mariah Torres.

Phil and Mariah joined the show through their friends, with Phil being close with Bria Fleming and Shaniece Henderson and Mariah being BFFs with Jasmine Ellis Cooper.

After leaving the Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard, Mariah and Phil’s presence in the house was a debatable topic in Season 2. So much so that some fans want to know what they’re up to now.

(l-r): Phil Brooks and Mariah Torres
Source: Bravo
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Where are Phil Brooks and Mariah Torres now?

In Season 1, Episode 3 of Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard, “House Divided,” Mariah and Phil were asked to leave the house for two reasons. During a house meeting, the Season 1 cast — Jasmine, Bria, Shaniece, Amir Lancaster, Nicholas “Nick” Arrington, Jordan Emanuel, Summer Marie Thomas, Preston Mitchum, Silas Cooper, Alex Tyree, and Jason Lyke — decided it was best for both of them to leave before the summer ended for two different reasons.

Phil only stayed in the house for a few hours before getting the boot. During his short stay, he offended several castmates. After offending Preston by calling him, the only openly gay member of the house, “soft,” Phil became more of a nuisance after he pooped in Nick’s toilet and argued and threatened to fight Amir.

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Phil’s number two travesty came during Mariah’s physical altercation with Bria over Bria using the house’s clean towels to wash her dog, Milo’s laundry. In episode 3 of the first season, Amir later admitted he was the one who put Milo's clothes in the dryer, though the damage was already done.

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Following the housemates’ vote, Phil and Mariah were asked to leave and have seemingly moved on with their lives. Well, at least Mariah has. The screenwriter is active on her Instagram account and often posts photos of her with her son, Milano, or her adventures in New York. She’s also still friends with Jasmine, who admitted the first season "tested" her and Mariah's 12-year-friendship for the first time.

Unfortunately, less is known about what Phil has been up to. We don't know much about his daily life since he doesn’t have a public social media account. However, Bria and Shanice discussed his eagerness to come on the show in Season 2, Ep. 3, “Dishonorable Guests.”

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'Summer House: Martha's Vineyard'
Source: Bravo

Phil Brooks and Mariah Torres returned ‘Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard' and apologized to their former housemates.

Phil and Mariah’s SH: MV resurgence caused tension between the Season 2 cast, who were already at the Vineyard. When Bria and Jasmine discovered both their friends were planning on visiting Oak Bluffs alone, they asked the others how they felt about them also joining them and received lackluster reviews.

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Several housemates felt Phil shouldn’t have been invited back into the house, with Preston sharing in a confessional that Phil made him “uncomfortable.” Preston later cried to Amir after feeling misunderstood by the group when he shared how Phil’s actions towards him were violent and possibly homophobic.

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Bria also strongly reacted to Mariah’s possible return to the house one year after their brawl. She explained she felt violated by Jasmine for considering inviting Mariah to the house. She became even more upset with Jasmine when Phil told her he had been speaking with Mariah and knew Jasmine already booked her a flight to Martha’s Vineyard five days before Jasmine consulted the group.

When Bria confronted Jasmine about it, she said she booked Mariah’s flight as an “economic choice” and didn’t intend to hurt Bria’s feelings. However, the damage had already been done, as Bria left the group’s dinner early after confronting Jasmine. Fortunately, by Episode 6, the cast was willing to embrace both Mariah and Phil, allowing them to make a temporary return.

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In the episode "A Perfect Summer Storm," Phil and Mariah join the group for Preston's cocktail party to kick off some of these for the weekend. During the event, Mariah pulled Bria to the side and apologized for her actions, stating she "loves" Bria's dog, Milo, and admitting she "snapped" when she saw her clothes ruined in the dryer. She also spoke to Amir for the first time since confronting him off-camera about his role in the incident.

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Phil also used the evening to right some of his wrongs. After apologizing to Preston via the phone in episode 5, he extended the apology to Amir and Nick. At the party, Phil blamed his actions on expensive tequila and didn't mean to cause them any harm. The men, primarily Nick, weren't convinced Phil changed much in the year since they'd seen him.

"You ever not prepare for a book report, and you have like a month to figure it out? He had a whole year," Nick said of Phil in a confessional. "He had a whole year. And the presentation is bad."

"If I never saw Phil again, I think I would be OK," he added.

It looks like Mariah and Phil didn’t even have to enter the Martha’s Vineyard house to stir up some drama!

New episodes of Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard airs Sundays on Bravo at 9 p.m. EST.

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