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Are Deepti and Kyle From 'Love Is Blind' Dating? Deepti Sets the Record Straight


Mar. 7 2022, Updated 1:19 p.m. ET

Season 2 introduced Netflix subscribers to a whole new set of individuals searching for "the one" on Love Is Blind. Among the engaged couples featured this time around were Deepti Vempati and Shake Chatterjee and Kyle Abrams and Shaina Hurley. Ultimately, both couples decided not to go through with their weddings.

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However, social media interactions following the season finale have had viewers talking. This prompted many Love Is Blind fans to wonder: Are Deepti and Kyle dating now? Keep reading to learn more about what we've uncovered.

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Are Deepti and Kyle from 'Love Is Blind' dating?

During the Love Is Blind reunion, Kyle threw viewers a curveball by sharing his feelings for another contestant.

"I have a huge regret. Biggest regret is I should have asked Deepti to marry me," Kyle said. "That's what I learned the most. I f---ed up. I should have tried harder for you. I love her so much, she's the best. And I wish I saw what was right in front of me and that's my biggest regret. I'm sorry."

As Deepti smiled at Kyle's comments from another couch, Kyle's ex Shaina said, "Deepti's amazing, I agree."

Shake chimed in with, "I would love that between you two."

Kyle then confronted Shake, telling him, "Yeah, and it pisses me off because you wasted such a good opportunity."

To that Shake pointed out, "Not true because now you have it. Happy to facilitate."

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In an interview with Elite Daily, Deepti offered further insight into whether she and Kyle are currently dating.

“I was really struggling to pick between Shake and Kyle [in the pods],” she told the publication, noting that their dates weren't shown on Love Is Blind Season 2. Since filming has ended, however, she and Kyle have reconnected.

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“We’re just trying to figure it out,” she told Elite Daily. “There’s a lot on our plate right now ... we’ll see what happens," clarifying that she's single at the moment and "focusing on myself."

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Source: @lifewithdeeps/Instagram
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There were a couple of rumors about who Deepti is dating following 'Love Is Blind.'

There have been a couple of rumors about who Deepti might be dating after appearing on Love Is Blind — although neither of them have been confirmed by the information data analyst from Chicago.

One popular theory is that Deepti and Kyle are currently dating. The "evidence" is mostly due to the flirty comments each has left on the other's social media posts. “Oh hi🥵,” Kyle wrote on one of Deepti's photos. Meanwhile, Deepti commented, "Oooof 🥵🔥," on Kyle's shirtless mirror selfie.

Source: Reddit
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Kyle also uploaded a TikTok video on March 3 that seems to confirm his relationship with Deepti — according to some fans, at least. In the clip, Kyle starts with the camera focused on him, but then slowly shows part of a woman who is standing in the same room, before quickly snapping back to just him. It ends with just him, smiling coyly.

Source: @kyleabrams10/TikTok
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Many Love Is Blind fans are not only convinced the woman it's Deepti, but that it means they're currently a couple. Here's a screenshot of the part with the woman, in case you missed it.

love is blind deepti dating kyle
Source: @kyleabrams10/TikTok
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A second theory about Deepti's current dating life involves Sal. That's because an Instagram Story shared by the official Love Is Blind account showed them suspiciously close together for two people who are reportedly just friends.

Not to mention, Deepti shared a photo to her Instagram of herself and Kyle alongside the caption, "UnShakeable Vibes," which many fans took as a dig at her ex-fiancé, Shake.

Sal also commented on one of Deepti's recent Instagram posts, declaring, "Deeps is Queen."

Source: @katielenlen/TikTok
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Deepti left Shake on their wedding day.

At the beginning of Season 2, viewers noticed a number of red flags when it came to Shake. He attempted to weed out larger women based on whether they'd be able to sit on his shoulders at a musical festival or whether they enjoyed working out, for example.

As the season went on, viewers had some hope that his priorities were changing. Maybe his emotional connection with Deepti was enough for him to develop a strong physical attraction, too? Then later he compared his and Deepti's chemistry to dating his aunt — and that hope flew out the window.

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Shake was still prepared to go through the wedding despite telling everyone (except for Deepti) he wasn't attracted to her. Luckily, Deepti recognized that she deserved someone who knew her worth and she respectfully left him at the altar.

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Kyle and Shaina's differences were too much to overcome.

A major clashing point between Kyle and Shaina was religion — specifically, that Shaina is a Christian and Kyle is an atheist. Although Kyle was open to working past this fundamental difference, Shaina couldn't see herself with someone who didn't share her beliefs. (Well, that, and she was still obsessed with Shayne.)

Ultimately, they decided not to go through with their marriage.

are kyle and shaina still together
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Whether or not Deepti and Kyle officially end up dating, we wish them both the very best!

Catch Season 2 of Love Is Blind on Netflix.

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