'365 Days' Ends With Laura Almost Dying — Is She Any Luckier in '365 Days: This Day'? (SPOILERS)

Did Laura die in '365 Days: This Day'? The lead character found herself in another deadly situation, but was she able to make it out alive?

Leila Kozma - Author

Apr. 28 2022, Published 9:19 a.m. ET

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for 365 Days: This Day.

The second instalment of the 365 Days series arrived on Netflix on April 27, 2022, introducing viewers to the latest complications Laura (Anna Maria Sieklucka) and Massimo (Michele Morrone) have to face. Now a married couple, Laura and Massimo must overcome temptation and deal with a range of shady characters to continue their idyllic way of life. What happens in the movie? Here's the ending explained.

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Does Laura die at the end of '365 Days: This Day'?

365 Days Part 2, or 365 Days: This Day, kicks off with a miraculous resurrection in which Laura seamlessly comes back to life after almost getting killed (Remember, 365 Days ends with a tunnel scene, which nearly marked the very end of Laura's plot line).

365 Days: This Day operates with a similar logic. At the end of the movie, Laura is shot during a five-way shootout scene, with Massimo crying crocodile tears over her near-cold body.

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However, there is a third 365 Days movie in the making — whose confirmed cast members include Anna Maria Sieklucka and Michele Morrone. In other words: Laura might end up pulling off the mysterious trick once again to resounding success. But how did Laura get into so much trouble again? Who shoots her at the end of 365 Days: This Day, and why? Here's what you should know.

Laura and Massimo face new challenges in '365 Days: This Day.'

365 Days: This Day picks up sometime after 365 Days left off, showing Laura and Massimo's pure marital bliss which is only interrupted by a few factors. Namely: Laura loses a baby during the car crash captured at the end of 365 Days. Massimo's evil twin brother, Adriano, enters the picture to cause some real ruckus. Elsewhere, a sexy gardener named Nacho (Simone Susinna) tries to do his best to get Laura's attention and steal her heart.

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Michele Morrone and Anna Maria Sieklucka
Source: Netflix

365 Days: This Day ends with a four-way shoot-out scene with Adriano, Anna, Nacho, and Massimo taking turns to flaunt their unparalleled gun shooting skills. The scene offers a neat resolution to the main conflicts.

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Much like 365 Days, 365 Days: This Day ends with a blasphemous cliff-hanger. Adriano tries to corner Massimo by telling him about Laura's lost baby. Laura tries to resist being held down by Anna. In response, Anna shoots her. Nacho then shoots Anna, and Massimo shoots Adriano. As to the real bodycount? There's no way of knowing until the next movie.

Anna Maria Sieklucka will resume Laura's role in the third instalment of the '365 Days' franchise.

Anna Maria Sieklucka, the actress portraying Laura, is among the confirmed cast members for the new movie. As such, there's a chance that Laura will once again triumph over her mortality. How she manages to do so remains to be seen. Keep your eyes peeled for further announcements about the forthcoming 365 Days movie.

365 Days: This Day is available on Netflix now.

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