Is Cat Baugh Coming Back to 'Below Deck'? She Made a Sudden Departure

Captain Fraser was a bit miffed following her departure, as another crew member had just been fired.

Sheridan Singleton - Author

Apr. 1 2024, Updated 12:50 p.m. ET

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When she joined Bravo's Below Deck as a stewardess, Cat Baugh had no experience on a yacht of that size. This made her fraught with issues during her initial time on the show. Cat, being a self-proclaimed perfectionist, is also incredibly pressured to achieve said perfection. This way of thinking has naturally led to some hiccups with her fellow crew members. A contentious relationship with Barbie Pascual only added to the tension, as Barbie seemed to have it in for Cat pretty early on.

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In the midst of Season 11, Cat decides to leave in a fairly sudden manner. Despite the quick decision to leave, Cat got support from Captain Kerry, and decided that it would be for the best to leave the yacht and deal with her personal issues. Chief Stew Fraser was a bit miffed following her departure, as another crew member had just been fired. However, mental health is incredibly important, and many are glad that Cat left to take care of herself. So, will Cat Baugh come back to Below Deck?

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Source: Bravo
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Does Cat Baugh come back to ‘Below Deck’ Season 11?

As of right now, it does not seem like Cat will be returning to Below Deck anytime soon. She was unable to disclose the specific reason she decided to leave, but many believe it was a combination of news she received from her friend and the building stressors of being on the super yacht. The conflict between Cat and Barbie hinged on both of their control issues and was reaching a fever pitch. It's safe to say that their rift likely contributed to her reasons for leaving.

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Cat Baugh has led a difficult life when it comes to family.

During her time working with Xandi Olivier on the yacht, Cat shared some of her life stories with her fellow crewperson, and it was a heart-wrenching one at that. When Cat was very young, her mother died unexpectedly, leaving Cat and her younger brother all alone. The two were then put into foster care, where they were separated and would be for years. Cat was taken in by a foster family that loved and supported her until things took a turn for the worse.

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Cat had to make an extremely difficult decision for herself when she decided to find her brother.

When Cat grew older, she decided it was time to find her younger brother to reconnect with him. She managed to find him, and he was also glad for the opportunity to reconnect. However, her foster family was against her having a relationship with her younger brother. They were deeply religious, with Cat referring to their religion as “cult-like.” Therefore, they said that they would not support her if she chose to continue bonding with him.

Cat's rough past and fragile mental health justify her decision to leave ‘Below Deck.’

Cat went on to share with Xandi that she'd ultimately decided to choose her brother, and while she was happy with the decision she made, the whole scenario was a traumatic one, piling on the trauma from her youth. After receiving a phone call from her friend and chosen family member Megan, Cat immediately decided to leave. Since then, she has found a new relationship and has expressed no regrets about leaving the yacht.

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