DoorDasher Calls the Cops on a Customer After He Makes a Delivery Error

You may not even believe this story of a DoorDasher calling the police on a customer due to his own error. Read on for all the details.

Melissa Willets - Author

Aug. 10 2023, Published 11:12 a.m. ET

A hungry TikToker who decided to "treat" herself to some food may regret placing that fateful phone call in the first place. The TikTok creator, who shares content as @sunnymlm, ended up having the cops called to her house, and for a reason that simply defies logic.

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So, why did a police officer get asked to intervene in an order of pancakes and eggs benedict? Yeah, this is one story you'll have to read to believe — and you may not even buy the creator's story in the end.

A DoorDash order goes wrong — and then gets worse.

The creator launches into a story many commenters ended up calling "too long" (we'll save you the time and summarize here), by asking a rhetorical question everyone can relate to: "We all know how expensive DoorDash is right?"

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She then noted about her decision to splurge, "Today is my day to treat myself." And so, the creator ordered some yummy breakfast food like eggs benedict and pancakes.

At first, the order arrives without incidence, with the creator bringing her food inside the house. But soon, she asserted that the contents of the bags weren't what she ordered, and decided to ask for a refund — despite some of what was included in the order having been what she was craving.

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Meanwhile, she declined to have the order resent to her home, explaining somewhat confusingly this was "for safety reasons" and not wanting a DoorDasher to come to her residence twice.

But her failed encounter with DoorDash didn't end with a refund.

"Cue and hour and a half later," she declared, adding, "I'm hearing these loud, loud knocks on my door." And that's when she started to get scared, since she was home alone.

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What was outside? A cop car! Initially, the creator feared something had happened to a family member or her partner. Instead, the reason for the police visit was, well, her order with DoorDash.

Um, why did the DoorDasher involve the police? It's a head scratcher.

"I'm your DoorDasher. Here's your order," were the bizarre words of the delivery person now at her door — with a cop. The DoorDasher apparently called the police after the creator didn't answer her door when he tried to redeliver the correct order.

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The "random man," as she described him, also hoped to pick up the other person's order he erroneously delivered initially — and was upset to learn she'd already thrown it away, despite the fact that over an hour had passed.

Meanwhile, in a part 2 of her tale, the creator explained why she was disgusted that the DoorDasher intended to deliver the wrong order after it had "crossed the threshold of my home," adding, "The food was already touched." Word.

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But back to the biggest question on our minds: Why had the police officer been called?

It isn't clear why the police would have responded to this call involving her not answering the door for a food delivery, but according to the creator, the Dasher then prompted the officer, "You're not gonna do anything?"

The cop, well, doesn't do anything.

At this point, the customer claims the cop schooled the DoorDasher on getting the address right when he delivers food. "But this isn't a police matter," the officer ultimately stated, and drove off.

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In the comments section of the post, drivers for DoorDash and Uber Eats piled on to proclaim that this was totally unacceptable behavior. Many people called on the creator to report the DoorDasher.

Other commenters joked that the creator "must live in a really good, crime free neighborhood" for the police to get involved in such a silly matter.

And plenty of folks questioned if this story was even real, with one commenter sniping, "She'd be buried under cross examination."

You be the judge!

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