"It's Still in Front of the Door" — DoorDasher Confronts Customer Who Claimed They Didn't Receive Order

Kelly Corbett - Author

Nov. 29 2023, Published 2:27 p.m. ET

TikTok has become home to all sorts of DoorDash and UberEats antics. We’ve seen videos of customers claiming that their delivery person ate food from their order or left their food in … a tree.

However, the customer is sometimes the bamboozler. Customers have been known to tip bait or offer generous tips up front to lure a driver to take their order, but then remove it after their order has been delivered.

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And now it seems that customers may be lying about not getting their food in hopes of getting a refund. One DoorDasher, who was penalized after a customer claimed her food wasn't delivered, returned to the customer's address to find the food still there. Then she knocked on the door to confront the customer about this complaint.

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A DoorDash customer allegedly complained she didn't get her food, even though her order was placed outside her door.

DoorDash driver and TikTok user Jade (@jadecharde) received a violation for allegedly not delivering a customer's food. However, she knew that she had delivered the food. So, she decided to return to the customer's address, confront her, and record the conversation.

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Upon arriving, Jade saw that the food was still sitting outside the door where she left it. She knocked on the door and spoke to the customer, who was named Khyersten, about why she reported her food missing.

"I didn't say that." Khyersten is heard saying to Jade in the video.

"They literally gave me a violation on my account," Jade explained to Khyersten, who apologized and said she didn't mean to get her in trouble.

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"Why do you have the food sitting outside?" Jade probed Khyersten, to which she answered, "I was asleep."

Khyersten promised that she would correct it with DoorDash, and then Jade left. And that was it.

It's unclear if Khyersten did report her order missing on purpose or if she really didn't know her food had been delivered because she was sleeping. Things just didn't seem to add up on Khyersten's end.

And users acknowledged that in the comment section: "If she was [asleep] how did she report it not being delivered?"

Another asked: "Who goes to sleep when ordering food? Like you know it's coming."

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And one user applauded Jade for actually confronting Khyersten.

But not everyone thought that Khyersten was a master of deceit trying to get a free meal.

"It’s not that deep. If the food was still outside, she clearly didn’t know it was there and didn’t bother to check. Easy fix now that she sees it," said one user in a comment.

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"The fact that it’s exactly where you left it makes me believe her," wrote another user in the comment section of Jade's video.

A third user wrote, "She seems genuine??"

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Other users then began questioning Jade about whether or not she took a photo of the food when she first delivered it. Photographic evidence might have helped her avoid her alleged violation, but she didn't respond.

The debate over who is right in this situation could go on and on but the lesson here is that if you report your food missing, it should actually be missing (and not just outside your door). And if you're a Dasher, you should always document every delivery to protect yourself in case a customer tries to take advantage of the system.

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