Prepare for College With This Hilarious Beer Pong Map in 'Fortnite'

Jon Bitner - Author

Jul. 11 2023, Published 3:19 p.m. ET

There’s no shortage of awesome Creative Maps to explore in Fortnite, but this new take on beer pong might be among the best. Developed by CodeD3V, the quirky map is technically called Slurp Pong—but it’s essentially beer pong with a Fortnite coat of paint.

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In Slurp Pong, you’re tasked with using a grappling hook to swing your way across a giant table and land in massive plastic cups on the other side of the map. The other team, meanwhile, is doing the exact same thing but in the opposite direction.

The map is arranged like a standard beer pong table — complete with tacky lawn furniture and overgrown plants — and the first team to successfully land in all 10 of the enemy team’s cups is the winner.

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It’s not a true, one-to-one replica of beer pong, but this is probably as close as you can get with Fortnite.

If you’re interested in checking out Slurp Pong for yourself, you can dive into a beer pong match using the map code 3534-3819-2430. The map supports up to three other players and is designed to be a 2v2 experience.

The innovative game mode seems to be gaining a bunch of fans, with Fortnite players on Twitter praising the hilarious map.

“This might just be enough for me to come out of [Fortnite] retirement,” wrote one user. Another chimed in saying, “This is why no game will ever beat Fortnite… It’s like a million games in one.” That last statement became truer than ever with the launch of Creative 2.0, which gave players tons of new ways to experiment and develop their own games using Fortnite.

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CodeD3V is no stranger to making hilarious maps. The developer recently launched a “meme map” that has players navigating a map of floating cookies — jumping from one to the next without any safety net. It’s a bit like the OnlyUp Fortnite map (only this one includes a lot more chocolate chips).

The creator also launched a Firework FFA map just in time for the Fourth of July, which allowed players to battle it out using Flare Guns and Bottle Rockets.

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The beer pong (or Slurp Pong) map seems to be the most popular map developed by CodeD3V, and it’s picking up a lot of steam on social media. It was even recently featured directly in Fortnite, which led to a huge jump in popularity for the map.

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It’s unclear if CodeD3V will expand on Slurp Pong to take advantage of its newfound popularity, but it’s obvious that they’ve already got a winner on their hands. And if you’re heading back to campus in the next month, this is a solid way to start warming up.

Remember — use the map code 3534-3819-2430 to check out the Fortnite beer pong map for yourself. Be sure to round up a few friends too, as the chaotic action is best experienced with three other players.

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