You Might Be Surprised by How Many 'Annie' Movies There Are

'Annie' movies are typically about a precocious little girl who overcomes adversity and somehow comes out on top. How many 'Annie' movies have there been?

Stephanie Harper - Author

Dec. 2 2021, Published 5:42 p.m. ET

Annie 2014 movie
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The unforgettable story of Annie living in an orphanage unfit for children has been told time and time again. Excellent Annie movies have been released many times over the last several decades. With another new version of Annie coming out in 2021, the topic of conversation about the fictional girl with curly hair who loves to sing has resurfaced.

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Some versions of the movie include more comedic relief than others, but they all generally tell the same triumphant story. A precocious little girl starts off as an impoverished underdog and ultimately gets adopted by a wealthy billionaire named Oliver Warbucks. Have you seen all these versions of Annie?

'Little Orphan Annie' (1932)

Little Orphan Annie
Source: IMDb

In 1932, the first movie to tell this story was released by the name of Little Orphan Annie. Prior to this movie, live musical performances of Annie were already common. Oliver Warbucks, aka Daddy Warbucks, leaves home to seek a treasure made of gold. He leaves Annie behind with another child named Sandy, but promises them they’ll be rich by the time he comes home.

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'Little Orphan Annie' (1938)

Little Orphan Annie
Source: IMDb

The 1938 remake of Little Orphan Annie kept the same title as the 1932 film, but it tells a very different story. In this movie, Annie becomes friends with a fight manager named Pop Corrigan. She introduces him to a promising prizefighter named Johnny Adams and hustles to help him train for an upcoming fight so that no one in her neighborhood will lose their money.

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'Annie' (1982)

Annie movie
Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment

The first Annie movie to follow the storyline of the traditional musical — with a few minor changes — was released in 1982. One of the changes in this movie is Oliver Warbucks taking Annie and his assistant, Grace, to see a play called Camille at Radio City Music Hall, rather than exploring the city together in the final scene.

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'Little Orphan Annie's A Very Animated Christmas' (1995)

Little Orphan Annie’s A Very Animated Christmas is a 1995 cartoon film that was released direct to video, skipping theaters entirely. In this adorable family-friendly flick, viewers see Annie, Oliver Warbucks, and their closest friends get together to celebrate Christmas as a group.

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'Annie: A Royal Adventure!' (1995)

Annie: A Royal Adventure! is another 1995 movie that came out as a sequel to the 1982 flick. Sony Pictures Television distributed the film that showcases Annie taking a trip to London to watch Oliver Warbucks become knighted by King George V. Annie gets caught up in a dangerous scheme with the villain of the movie, Lady Edwina Hogbottom. Lady Edwina's plan is to blow Buckingham Palace to bits, so Annie must intervene.

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'Annie' (1999)

The 1999 version of Annie follows the same story as the original musical and 1982 movie. Annie goes on a mission to escape the horrible orphanage she’s trapped in with other girls. Miss Hannigan gets admitted to a psychiatric hospital in the end for her mistreatment of the children.

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'Annie' (2014)

It was big news for Annie fans everywhere when the 2014 movie starring Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz, and Rose Byrne landed in theaters. The movie ended up earning over $133.8 million at the box office. It tells the story of orphan Annie living a hard-knock life before crossing paths with billionaire Will Stacks.

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'Annie Live!' (2021)

Annie Live! is the new 2021 NBC musical television special. Some of the big names included in the lineup are Taraji P. Henson, Nicole Scherzinger, Harry Connick Jr., and Titus Burgess. According to the trailer, the classic songs we’ve come to know and love will all be included. Per NBC, it’ll be the “musical event of the holiday season."

Annie Live! premieres on NBC, Dec. 2 at 8 p.m. EST.

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