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'The Voice' Coaches Make an Absurd Amount of Money Every Season


Mar. 15 2021, Updated 1:12 p.m. ET

It's been 10 whole years of The Voice! We're on Season 20 now, welcoming back Nick Jonas, and a lot of Blake Shelton jokes at Kelly Clarkson's expense (it's all in good fun, though). Blake's got positive things to say too, stating, "This is our tenth year anniversary and it’s unbelievable that the talent level just keeps getting better, 20 seasons now of being a coach on this show and I still love my job.”

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Blake (and the rest of The Voice coaches) must love their job so much because it truly does seem like a lot of fun. Getting to mentor young talent and work with other esteemed musicians in the industry is a pretty sweet day job. It also pays. A lot. While these numbers are all estimated (so take them with a grain of salt), NBC has a huge budget for the show.

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The Voice is one of NBC's most popular shows. According to Variety, the two-day Season 20 premiere of The Voice "outperformed all other programs in Nielsen Live+Same Day fast affiliate numbers," which were calculated Monday and Tuesday night. The premiere got a rating of .9 and 6.16 million viewers. Which is lower than Season 19's premiere, which pulled in just under 8 million viewers. Still, these are big numbers, and the show isn't going anywhere any time soon.

Here's how much each individual coach makes on The Voice.

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Nick Jonas

nick jonas
Source: Instagram/NBC

It's estimated that, since Nick Jonas is the least experienced of the coaches, he's making around $10 million this season. And since The Voice has two seasons per year, it's possible that Nick is going to be making $20 million from The Voice alone in one year. 

Blake Shelton

blake shelton
Source: Instagram/NBC

Blake Shelton is the highest paid coach on The Voice, making at least $13 million per season, plus bonuses (so the number is likely a lot higher). It was reported that he and Gwen Stefani negotiated for higher salaries, considering Blake's tenure and the fact that he and Gwen really played up their relationship on the show. It makes sense why Blake has bargaining power — he's been one of the coaches since the show first aired in 2011. And his talent has won six times over the years.

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John Legend

john legend
Source: Instagram/NBC

John Legend is reportedly making $14 million per season on The Voice. It's his third season, so he knows what he's doing. And he's an incredibly accomplished singer, and is the only coach to have an EGOT under his belt. For his name alone, John is making bank coaching for The Voice.

Kelly Clarkson

kelly clarkson
Source: Instagram/NBC

Kelly Clarkson is making $14 million, which is a lot. But she has been on the show since Season 14, so she's definitely earned it. Kelly is super talented and has released eight successful albums and has her own show. There was also an alleged bidding war over her either being on American Idol or The Voice — and The Voice clearly won, so they must have sweetened the deal with a hefty salary. She's also won three seasons.

The Voice is on every Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.

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