A Breakdown on How to Complete the Level 48 Challenge in 'Pokémon GO'

Anthony Jones - Author

Mar. 28 2023, Updated 6:26 p.m. ET

'Pokémon GO' How to Complete Level 48 Challenge
Source: Niantic

The Level 48 Challenge is one of many unique research objectives for trainers to complete in Pokémon GO.

After reaching the required level by progressing through the mobile AR game, players can start a series of challenges with different completion demands to earn experience and items.

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But the thing is that it can get tough figuring out how to complete all the activities. Here's a breakdown of everything you need to know to finish the Level 48 Challenge in Pokémon GO.

'Pokémon GO'
Source: Niantic
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What are the completion requirements for the Level 48 Challenge in 'Pokémon GO'?

Launching alongside the GO Beyond update that increased the level cap and released a Kalos region in Nov. 2020, the research challenge has pretty simple completion requirements but demands some commitment.

Below is a list of every objective you must finish for the Level 48 Challenge and their rewards:

Part One TasksTask RewardOverall Completion Bonuses
Power up Pokémon 48 times4800 Stardust4800 Stardust
Make 480 Nice Throws3 Rocket RadarsGolett Pokémon
Make 4 Excellent Throws in a row4800 Experience4800 Experience
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Part Two TasksTask RewardOverall Completion Bonuses
Defeat a Team GO Rocket Leader 14 times4800 Stardust4800 Stardust
Earn 48 Candies walking with your buddy3 Rare Candy3 Premium Raid Pass
Catch 480 Pokémon4800 Experience4800 Experience
'Pokémon GO'
Source: Niantic
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Part Three TasksTask RewardOverall Completion Bonuses
Catch 480 Normal-type Pokémon4800 Stardust4800 Stardust
Win 14 raids3 Lure Modules3 Super Incubators
Spin a PokéStop 14 days in a row 4800 Experience4800 Experience

Part Four TasksTask RewardOverall Completion Bonuses
Claim Reward4800 Stardust4800 Stardust
Claim RewardLucario PokémonAxew Pokémon
Claim Reward4800 Experience3 Rare Candy XL
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How to complete the Level 48 Challenge in 'Pokémon GO' explained:

Now with an idea of what is needed to complete the Level 48 Challenge, you can start making strides to finish the research tasks in Pokémon GO. Of course, the easiest of the bunch will be powering up Pokémon, catching them, and spinning the PokéStop in a row.

However, coming out on top of challenging raids and defeating a Team GO Rocket Leader will require a skilled team layout.

We advise building a line-up of Pokémon or filling it out over time with strong members, which naturally will help with meeting other conditions. And while hunting for fresh Pokémon, be mindful of how you throw PokéBalls to fulfill the first two tasks for the Level 48 Challenge.

Regardless, it will take some time before you nail every research task available, but super worth it to earn account experience and resources to grow your team of critters.

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