Is David Woolley Mormon? ‘Sister Wives’ Fans Have Theories About Christine’s New Husband

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Jan. 12 2024, Published 2:00 p.m. ET

When it comes to love, Christine Brown from TLC’s Sister Wives knows a thing or two about starting over. After living in a polygamous marriage with Kody Brown for 26 years, Christine made the brave decision to leave the lifestyle and her fellow sister wives in the dust (except for her BFF Janelle Brown, of course).

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Christine’s bold move to exit Kody’s family paid off. In October 2023, she married the love of her life (her words), David Woolley. Christine has shared that David is “the one” for her and believes they were made for each other. The couple has several similarities, including the fact they both came from large families.

Additionally, the pair has ties to the Mormon faith, though David’s history with the religion is less documented. Here’s what we uncovered about David’s religion.

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Is David Woolley from ‘Sister Wives’ Mormon?

David and Christine met in October 2022, several months into her new life post-polygamy. They connected on Stir, a dating app for single parents. In December 2022, the pair had their first date, and Christine told People she was so confident she had found “the one” that she canceled another date after David.

Christine explained that she and David connected over being parents to multiple children. Christine has six children from her and Kody’s marriage, while David is a father of eight.

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However, unlike Christine, David wasn’t in polygamy when he had his kids. While reflecting on how she told David she was a sister wife, Christine told People that, although David isn’t polygamous, he “understood” what it meant due to his history with the Mormon church.

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“When I told him, I'm like, ‘I have a lot of kids, and I have a sister wife, and everywhere I go, Janelle has to come with me, and all of her children come with me too,” the TLC star said. “‘There's not just me.’ He's not a polygamist — well, he is part of the Mormon church — so he knew about polygamy enough, he understood it, and we just clicked, and he was just easy. He's chill.”

David has said that, while he doesn’t practice polygamy and has no plans on doing so, he has sisters who were in polygamy at one point in their lives. Due to David’s last name, fans suspect his connection to the religion may be more profound than he wants us to believe.

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Like Christine, ‘Sister Wives’ fans believe David may be Mormon royalty.

David’s last name and admission that he’s familiar with the Mormon lifestyle raised a few eyebrows from those who know the faith’s history. In November 2023, a Reddit thread suggested David might be related to the founders of the Apolostic United Brethren (AUB), a fundamentalist Mormon group that supports polygamy.

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The Reddit thread explained that the founders of the AUB were named Lorin C. Woolley and John Woolley. John reportedly took over the church after Lorin. Due to their last names, the commenter wondered if Loren and John were David’s relatives. Several Redditors familiar with Utah Mormons suggested the theory was possible since the community is small and everyone knows everyone.

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David himself hasn’t claimed any relation to the AUB founders. The connection would be yet another thing he and Christine have in common. Fans of Sister Wives will know Christine comes from a family of AUB royalty and is considered “VIP” within the church, per Screen Rant.

Christine has stated on social media that she believes her status in the AUB church is the only reason her ex, Kody, married her. If David really is Mormon royalty, at least Christine won’t have to worry about her new hubby staying with her for clout!

You can watch new episodes of Sister Wives on Sundays on TLC at 10 p.m. EST!

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