Guy Uses Jack in the Box Coupons to Show How Fast Food Prices Changed in Just 3 Months

A guy on social media collected Jack in the Box coupons from now and three months ago. The coupons prove that inflation is on the rise.

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Aug. 22 2023, Published 7:42 p.m. ET

Tax-paying citizens would agree that inflation is ruining everything. First, it was just gas, but now it’s housing, food, and everything in between that’s under attack.

One man proved that this whole inflation thing is getting out of control by showing how little food he was able to buy with $100. It makes sense given the fact that some grocery stores are charging a whopping $13.99 for Miracle Whip. Yeah, you read that right.

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A TikTok user named @austinmutschler gave us even more reason to worry. In a viral TikTok post, Austin compared some coupons from Jack in the Box to test out his theory of burger-flation — the leading cause of brokeness in our country.

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Man compares Jack and the Box coupons to see how much prices went up in just three months.

One day, we all woke up to a world where chicken nuggets cost $8.99. Back in my day, you could get a fry, chicken nuggets, and a large sweet tea for less than that. And apparently, Jack in the Box is obviously following in McDonald’s footsteps when it comes to jacking up their prices.

In his video, Austin explains: “Is this weird or does anyone else judge inflation by coupon prices? I just got these Jack in the Box coupons in the mail,” he says in the video.

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The ad featured a coupon for two Extreme Sausage Sandwich combos for $12. Austin noted that the exact same coupon was cheaper a few months ago. “Two for $7. Five dollar difference [in] three months.”

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He also noted other items that have gone up since the last time he received a mailer from the fast food spot. “There are other things on there too, like the Homestyle Ranch Chicken Club. $11 before, $13 after. This is getting insane.”

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In the comment section, other users agreed that fast food prices are going up … and fast. One commenter noted: “10 years ago when I worked at Jack the chicken sandwich coupon was two for $5.”

Austin replied that only a year prior to that, you could get a chicken sandwich and so much more for that price.

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“When I was working my first job 11 years ago I would get off at 1 A.M. and go to [Jack in the Box]. I would get two cheap chicken sandwiches and two tacos for $3.27,” Austin replied.

“Man my grandma and I would have weekly hangouts to use these coupons, now it's not even worth it,” another user said.

Is fast food just as expensive as dining in? The internet thinks so.

Someone else noted that McDonald’s and Jack in the Box aren’t the only fast food establishments to start acting brand new. “[Burger King] had their family whopper meal for $13, and in less than a year it's now at $17,” @arturtle_gonzalez wrote.

Given the rapid rise of inflation, it won’t be long before more people ditch the drive-thru.

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Brandon Cunningham commented: “I get food [costs] and labor has gone up but at this point, I'll just go to a sit-down restaurant rather than fast food if they're going to charge the same."

Granted, a sit-down restaurant actually requires you to go into a restaurant and sit down. And that’s exactly why fast food establishments will never go out of style.

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