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Source: Instagram

These James Charles Memes Perfectly Sum Up the YouTube Dramagedden


Unless you're living under a rock, chances are you've caught wind of the James Charles and Tati Westbrook drama that's all over Twitter, Tumblr, reddit and Instagram. 

What began as what some were calling a misunderstanding has now officially devolved into the talk of the internet, and James Charles is losing millions of followers, Tati wants him to apologize to her husband, and she even condescended to drag mom on the way. Yikes!

James Charles even took to making his own YouTube video called "tati" to address his side of the scandal, and the internet basically doesn't know what to do with itself other than react with hilarious memes. 

Keep scrolling for some of the funniest memes that encapsulate the James Charles dramaggedden that's been consuming us all.

1. And the Academy Award goes to...

Source: Twitter

No but really, what's good with the vibe and look that goes into fake YouTube apologies nowadays?