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Source: Instagram

Here's Everybody Who Has Accused James Charles of "Predatory Behavior"


Following Tati Westbrook's emotional 40-minute video ending her relationship with fellow beauty influencer James Charles, many more people — in the YouTube space and beyond – have come out of the woodwork to share their not-so-pleasant experiences with James. 

The 19-year-old makeup artist, who just announced his Sisters U.S. tour, has been accused of predatory behavior by everyone from Jeffree Star to straight boys like Gage Gomez and Jay Alvarrez to singer Zara Larsson. 

In his defense, James has responded to these allegations in the past and denied any wrongdoing. "I have never, would never, and WILL NEVER pressure a guy to do anything," he wrote just last week. 

But with three million subscribers lost and counting, it looks like James Charles has officially been canceled. Keep scrolling to see who has joined Tati to call out James' toxic behavior. 

1. Tati Westbrook

Source: Instagram

Well, it all started when Tati accused James of using his fame to get men to "behave sexually in your favor." 

"You tried to trick a straight man into thinking he's gay – yet again – and somehow you're the victim," Tati said, referring to the Coachella incident with Gage. "It's really disgusting to manipulate someone's sexuality, especially when they are still emerging into adulthood and don't quite have everything figured out." 

She continued, "That behavior is not OK if you're a woman a man, gay, straight, bi, whatever sexual orientation you are, that is your personal call and it is not someone else's to take, not someone else's to play with."