A Timeline of Chrishell Stause and Nicole Young's Mega Feud on 'Selling Sunset'

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Nov. 6 2023, Updated 8:41 p.m. ET

nicole young and chrishell stause from selling sunset
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The Gist:

  • Selling Sunset stars Chrishell Stause and Nicole Young are not on good terms.
  • They started feuding in Season 6 after Nicole claimed that Chrishell was added to her listings when she first joined the brokerage and got credit even though she didn't do any work.
  • Chrishell retaliated by making a claim that Nicole was on drugs.
  • Chrishell eventually apologized to Nicole, but Nicole did not reciprocate the apology.
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After Christine Quinn left Netflix’s Selling Sunset, we admit that we were nervous that the show might become too boring — after all, it’s not like we’re watching for the houses. Luckily, Nicole Young brought plenty of drama with her to Season 6, particularly when it came to her feud with fellow Oppenheim Group real estate agent Chrishell Stause.

From work drama to dragging relationships to drug and plastic surgery accusations, this feud has a little bit of everything. Let's unpack Nicole and Chrishell's feud which has began right after Nicole joined the cast.

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chrishell stause and nicole young arguing on selling sunset
Source: Netflix

‘Selling Sunset’ Stars Nicole Young and Chrishell Stause’s feud explained:

According to Nicole, her beef with Chrishell goes back years before she joined the show. Nicole claims their beef started when Chrishell first joined the brokerage. Both women admit to hitting below the belt throughout the season. Here’s a quick recap of what went down.

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Nicole says Chrishell stole credit for houses she sold.

When Chrishell was new to the brokerage, Jason added her to some listings with Nicole so that when the houses sold, both agents got some credit for it. However, Nicole says Chrishell did nothing to help the houses sell and that Chrishell essentially stole the credit.

She confronts Chrishell at Emma’s open house and the two have a screaming match culminating in Chrishell calling Nicole a b---h. Chrishell also points out that because she knew Nicole felt like she had done more work, she decided not to take any money from the commission. Nicole also hinted at this particular blow-out on Instagram during taping:

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Instagram posts from chrishell complaining about "thirsty" co-stars
Source: Instagram/@chrishell.stause

Nicole also throws some major shade at Chrishell’s former relationship with Jason.

Things get spicier when Nicole drags their boss (and Chrishell’s former boyfriend) Jason Oppenheim into the feud. She claims that Jason only added Chrishell to Nicole’s listings because he “had a massive crush” on her — which both Chrishell and Jason object to, considering the fact that this all went down when Chrishell was married to Justin Hartley.

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Nicole also talks to the other women in the office about how she thought Jason was way more interested in Chrishell than Chrishell was in him. “I just never saw them together long term. I just didn’t,” she says. Of course, she’s right, but everyone agrees that it’s kind of bizarre to talk about after Chrishell and Jason have broken up — perhaps even more so considering Nicole also dated Jason in the past. At this point, Nicole is two for two on bringing up old information and trying to fight about it.

nicole young storms off from dinner in season 6 of selling sunset
Source: Netflix
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Then Chrishell accuses Nicole of using drugs, saying she is “cracked out.”

Things escalate even further on the doomed Palm Springs trip when Chrishell says that Nicole is on drugs. “You’ve been acting a little cracked out all night,” she says in front of the group at dinner. Nicole storms off and Chrishell doubles down, telling Mary, “One of my first interactions with Nicole was your bachelorette party, and she ends up, you know, doing all these drugs and going crazy on everybody. [...] I’ve seen her on drugs many times … ecstasy, mushrooms, weed, drinking — I don’t know what concoction it is today.”

The next morning, Chrishell goes into further detail with Emma and Amanza, saying, “Nicole likes to do mushrooms, she openly talks about it. I know this, she’s offered them to me, I’ve seen her on [them] many times.”

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Nicole completely ignores the drug-related comments and doesn’t let them get to her.

Just kidding! She leaves the vacation house early the next morning to take a drug test in order to prove that she’s not “cracked out.”

chrishell stause speaks to selling sunset costars in palm springs
Source: Netflix
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Chrishell and Nicole are at it again after Nicole calls Emma Hernan "a social climber."

After Nicole calls Emma, one of Chrishell's besties a "social climber" at the beginning of Season 7, the ladies begin to wage war again. Chrishell joins the conversation claiming that she and Emma were nice to Nicole from the get-go and that it was Nicole who started all this animosity.

Chrishell claims that they have successfully done business in the past together, to which Nicole claims that Chrishell doesn't even know what business is. Chrishell responds "Nicole, I make more than you in five minutes than you could in five years."

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Nicole argues that Chrishell is making her money off Instagram while she is working on a long-term career. Chrishell then fires back, "You rearranged your whole face. You got everything done."

Nicole retaliates by calling Chrishell an "awful person" and "an awful human being."

Later on in the season, Jason asks Nicole to help with one of Chrishell’s listings while Chrishell is recovering from surgery as if that wasn't the reason why the ladies previously fought.

chrishell and emma fighting with nicole whole amanza tries to mediate
Source: netflix
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Chrishell apologizes to Nicole, but Nicole doesn't admit any fault in this feud.

Chrishell met Jason and Nicole at the property where Jason had requested that Nicole help on the listing as Chrishell recovered.

"I want to apologize because I know that I got really upset and triggered about certain things and so regardless of what you did or said, I just want to be responsible for how I contributed to that night. I don’t like where it went, and I don’t intend to let that happen again," she says, adding, “I’m sorry for taking it to a dirty place."

“If we could avoid any of that forever, I think everyone would be a thousand times better off in every way,” Nicole replies, not reciprocating Chrishell's apology. That said, Chrishell later tells Nicole that she doesn't need help on the listing anymore.

In a confessional, she admits she was not pleased with Nicole's response. “The one thing I’m missing is Nicole’s accountability in any of this. You know, she didn’t say anything, and she did so many things," Chrishell says.

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chrishell meets jason and nicole at her listing
Source: Netflix

When the O Group jetted off to Cabo, Nicole was then excluded from joining Emma's private jet, further intensifying her resentment towards Chrishell and Emma. Chrishell and Emma also opted to stay separately to avoid sharing accommodations with Nicole.

Basically, it seems that Nicole and Chrishell are far from ever resolving their differences.

Seasons 1 through 7 of Selling Sunset are currently streaming on Netflix.

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