This Mind-Blowing Hack Helps You Easily Remove Sticky Tags — All You Need Is a Piece of Tape!

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Jul. 25 2023, Published 12:43 p.m. ET

The digital age is powered by social media, which serves several purposes. From entertainment and news coverage to recipes and astrological readings — there’s nothing you can’t find on the internet.

But the most useful function of social media is offering practical solutions to everyday problems.

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Among the long list of life hacks that have gone viral as of late are the car handle and screwdriver hacks. However, some of the helpful hints that have grown popular online are more helpful than others.

Let’s take this sage advice brought to us by TikTok user Lexie Byers’s mom, for example.

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According to Lexie, there is a much easier way to remove those pesky adhesive stickers that are normally pretty hard to peel off. Read on for the low down!

But before you do… prepare to have your mind blown.

This woman just shared the ultimate life hack — teaches us how to easily remove sticker barcode tags!

Most times, when you buy a thing, it comes with a sticker barcode tag on it. Instead of using a blow dryer to get it off, Lexie offered a life hack that will allow you to say goodbye to your sticker-peeling days forever.

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Instead of sticking her new set of tumblers in the dishwasher to get the stickers off, she tried out a tip she got from her mom. “My mom taught me this a couple [of] days ago,” Lexie said in the video, which had since gained popularity on social media.

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“So I just bought all these tumbler cups and I was gonna stick them in the dishwasher but each one has like a tag for the barcode under it and they're actually pretty hard to get off. Or are they,” she said mischievously.

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Lexie went on to give us a tutorial on how to remove the sticky tags using only a piece of Scotch tape. She instructed: “Anything with like a sticker tag — stop peeling it off [and] grab some tape.”

“Take your piece and stick half of it onto the tag and rub it so it's really on there. Make sure to leave a little bit of a tail ... then you wax it off!”

What’s better is you can repeat the process again and again with the same piece of tape!

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“Brilliant,” Lexie said of the life hack. And no lies were told!

Lexie’s tip was reposted on the @everydayhomehacks page on TikTok and it really got the people going. In the comment section, many users shared that they were familiar with the tip, too.

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One person chimed in: “That seems just fun to do. Yes, I’ve seen this hack before.”

Other users were just as blown away as Lexie. “If it works, that’s genius. I just bought some bowls I’m gonna try,” a user named Kelli wrote.

Another commenter teased: “Do not change my life at 2:54 a.m. like this!”

What you don’t know can’t hurt you, but life hacks like this are sure to get you out of some pretty sticky situations!

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