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Here's What Fans Think August 7 Might Mean for Taylor Swift



Hardcore Swifties have had a field day breaking down lyrical meanings and finding Easter eggs in Taylor Swift's latest album, "Folklore." Some say it's an ode to joining the queer community while others think she may have secretly gotten married. Many, however, have also deduced that the date "August 7" could mean something seriously major for the Tennessee native.

What is the meaning behind August 7 for Taylor Swift? Here's what diehard fans of the "Betty" singer think about the potentially meaningful date.

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Here's why August 7 seems to be a significant date for Taylor Swift.

On August 7, Universal Music is dropping the deluxe version of "Folklore," which will feature "The Lakes" bonus track, according to a Reddit thread created by user u/folkloreFan13. And while this is major news alone, fans think it may mean something. To start, the songs "Seven" and "August" play one after the other, and on the standard album, they're listed as track numbers 7 and 8. Is it a coincidence that August is the eighth month of the year, and the 7th is the date in question? We think not.

That being said, Swifties and non-fans alike know that Taylor is a sucker for dropping "Easter eggs" in her songs to send off subtle messages. Whether it's posting a video about snakes to throw shade at Kim K and Kanye or when she announced her rebrand in "Look What You Made Me Do," Taylor is big on giving off clues, so when fans find a theme in her albums or songs, it only makes sense to run with it.

Some think Taylor Swift could be hinting at some major relationship news.

Taylor has mostly stopped discussing her private life publicly and rumors of her secretly getting engaged — or even married — have run rampant. And since August 7 could potentially be an important date to Taylor, some think it's a hint she's getting engaged or married or that it's the anniversary of her engagement or her wedding. In a Reddit thread regarding the meaning behind August 7, Reddit user reddituser5639 said: "idk gonna go out on a stretch and i have no evidence- maybe she's engaged?"

Likewise, u/folkloreFan13 noted that Taylor referred to "the lakes" as where she and her boo, Joe Alwyn, celebrated their anniversary in “Invisible Strings,” as well as that “My Tears Ricochet” seemingly includes a church choir and refers to a "diamond ring,” that she wore a white dress in the "Cardigan" music video, and that "Invisible String” describes her journey to find “the one” after her previous heartbreak. Needless to say, the wedding and engagement rumors are too real.

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Others are anticipating some incredible music videos.

If August 7 doesn't reveal anything about Tay's relationship with Joe, fans are hoping she plans to drop a music video that day. lovesparkmagicdark said: "If anything, it will be a music video (for exile or Betty or less likely but we can hope, one for each)," while jayvee_lamberte14 said longingly, "Cruel Summer MV."

Likewise, Rdickins1 speculated: "I think it was originally going to be the release date. It is the release date to the stores. But if she does she does. I don’t think it will be big. If anything I think MV #2 or maybe she’ll announce how she plans on celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Lover. But not getting hopes up for anything." 

The meaning behind August 7 won't be revealed until that day comes, and it couldn't come sooner.

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