Unlike Other Dating Shows, Netflix Limits Alcohol Consumption for 'Too Hot to Handle' Contestants

Netflix's 'Too Hot Handle' invites a group of hot singles to an island for a chance at $200,000 — but there are very specific rules they must follow.

Kelly Corbett - Author

Jul. 14 2023, Updated 11:00 a.m. ET

'Too Hot to Handle' Season 5 Cast
Source: Netflix

The first four episodes of Season 5 of Too Hot to Handle just dropped on Netflix on July 14, and contestants are already getting a bit too comfy with one another.

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As a refresher, this reality competition series brings a group of insanely good-looking singles to an idyllic island where they must remain celibate for a chance at $200,000. During their stay, Lana, an Alexa-style device, watches the cast like a hawk to make sure everyone keeps their hands to themselves. (Spoiler alert: contestants never keep their hands to themselves).

Lana in Season 5 of 'Too Hot to Handle'
Source: Netflix
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But there is more to the rules than just refraining from having sexy time with one another. Let’s review the rules that the cast of Too Hot to Handle must abide by.

What rules must 'Too Hot to Handle' contestants follow?

The number one rule on Too Hot to Handle is "don't have sex." But contestants also aren't allowed to engage in other intimate activities like kissing or pleasuring themselves.

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Furthermore, during the Hollywood Raw Podcast, Season 1 contestant Bryce Hirschberg noted an interesting tidbit: Contestants are only allowed two alcoholic drinks a night, per the producers.

And as with many other reality shows like Love Is Blind, contestants must surrender all their electronic devices while on the show.

'Too Hot to Handle' Season 5 Cast
Source: Netflix
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The contestants do have some freedoms, though. They can hug and cuddle. They can also share a bed, as long as they behave. The series aims to challenge contestants to try and form a deeper connection with one another that is beyond physical attraction.

Eventually, contestants are also given special watches that change colors if Lana thinks a particular couple is genuinely connecting. When it turns green, contestants are allowed to share a kiss for a short period. Lana may also offer a couple a special suite for a night of tantalizing privacy, but all the regular rules still apply while in the sheets together.

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What happens if contestants break those rules?

If contestants break any of the rules involving kissing or sex, money is deducted from the prize pot. Not only does that decrease their potential winnings, but it often creates tension in the villa between contestants.

If contestants kiss, it will cost the whole villa $3,000. Meanwhile, oral sex costs $6,000, and sex costs $20,000. However, there are opportunities that allow them to earn some money back.

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In previous seasons, the group decided who would take home the pot. In Season 1, the winning couple walked away with the prize money at the end. But in the following seasons, individuals were awarded based on their growth. And while contestants typically have some trouble at first, they often give into Lana's rules and show some true growth.

Only once in Too Hot to Handle's five-season history has the prize pot ever gone below $0; that was in Season 3. The season consisted of a rowdy group of contestants, proven further by Harry Johnson, Beaux Raymond, and Jackson Mawhinney's post-season airplane antics. Now it's time to see how the Season 5 contestants fare under Lana's strict rules.

New episodes of Too Hot to Handle Season 5 drop Fridays in July 2023 on Netflix.

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