Who Dies in Season 2 of 'Euphoria?' Here's the Low-Down (SPOILERS)

Who dies in 'Euphoria' Season 2? Fans have long worried about Fez, Ashtray, and Rue. Do any of our faves survive the Season 2 finale?

Leila Kozma - Author

Feb. 28 2022, Updated 9:16 a.m. ET

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for the Season 2 Finale of Euphoria.

Familial ties are at the focal point of Season 2 of Euphoria. One storyline explores Nate Jacobs' (Jacob Elordi) conflicted relationship with his father, Cal (Eric Dane), while another addresses the immense grief Rue (Zendaya) has felt since her dad's passing. The Season 2 finale zooms in on the varied difficulties the characters have to face in the presence of their family. Fans of the series have been worried about the fate of some of their favorite characters — so who dies?

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Who dies in Season 2 of 'Euphoria'?

The Season 2 Finale of Euphoria draws a contrast between Nate's loveless relationship with his father, Cal, and the closely-knit bond Fez has with Ashtray (Javon Walton). While Nate sets out on a long car drive to track down Cal, humiliate him in front of his friends, and take away his new life, Fez decides to sacrifice himself and do whatever it takes to ensure that Ashtray won't be taken away by the cops.

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In an exploration of different fatherly bonds, both scenes depict a police raid. In the former, Cal gets arrested for the possession of child pornography. In the latter, Fez pours an extraordinary amount of effort into convincing Ashtray to stop protecting him and focus on saving his own skin instead.

Does Ashtray die in 'Euphoria'?

Thanks to Custer's snitching, the brothers face an immediate threat to their lives. Their apartment is stormed by what looks like the S.W.A.T. team, who are likely there to investigate Mouse's (Meeko Gattuso) death. Ashtray resorts to the bathroom with a rifle, ultimately shooting one of the S.W.A.T. officers.

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In total, Ashtray kills at least two people in Season 2 of Euphoria. He uses a hammer to murder Mouse in the Season 2 premiere and shoots one of the cops in the Season 2 finale. As for his fate — Ashtray seems to get shot in the head by a member of the S.W.A.T. team at the end of the episode, presumably killing him.

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"Damn. Ashtray f--king died, Fez never made it to the play and got arrested, and Rue still owes Laurie $10,000," tweeted @kellygibson1023.

"They really killed Ash? And let Fez watch?" tweeted @swiftiestanwbu."

"When Fez kept on saying, 'he's just a kid,' I was done," tweeted @osielmaca.

The Season 2 Finale of 'Euphoria' referenced the speech Rue gave at her dad's funeral as well.

Rue's grappling with the loss of her dad served as a recurring motif in Season 2 of Euphoria, and the last episode captures the unexpected impacts of Lexi's play. Arguably, the scenes allude to the aims of Euphoria at large.

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While Lexi's sister, Cassie (Sydney Sweeney), takes the play to heart in a negative way, Rue seems to be grateful to Lexi for providing a nuanced portrayal of her experience in the aftermath of her dad's passing.

The storyline is particularly poignant when viewed in the context of the recent controversy sparked by a press release by D.A.R.E. As the organization claims, Euphoria "chooses to misguidedly glorify and erroneously depict high school student drug use, addiction, anonymous sex, violence, and other destructive behaviors as common and widespread in today's world."

All in all, only one fan-favorite character perished in the Season 2 finale of Euphoria. However, since the series has been renewed for a third season, there's no telling what will happen next.

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