Olivia Unleashes The "Most Painful" Block in Season 6 of 'The Circle' (SPOILERS)

As the "Secret Super Influencer," Olivia pulls off a major move in 'The Circle' by anonymously blocking a powerful player from the game.

Allison DeGrushe - Author

May 8 2024, Published 3:01 a.m. ET

Brandon, in a green t-shirt and rainbow jumper, looks stressed with his hands on his temples during 'The Circle' Season 6.
Source: Netflix

Spoiler alert: This article contains major spoilers for the Season 6 finale of The Circle.

Season 6 of The Circle has come to a close — but we're not diving into the winner just yet. Instead, we want to redirect your attention elsewhere for a moment. So, let's rewind and delve into that nail-biting cliffhanger from Episode 12, titled "A Final Power Move."

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In Episode 12, the remaining players participate in their final rankings of the season. The player who secures the highest ranking becomes the "Super Secret Influencer" and gains the power to anonymously block one of the other players.

As expected, Olivia (aka Brandon Baker) emerges as the highest-rated player, granting her the power to eliminate a fellow competitor from the game. So, who does she block? Keep reading to find out!

Brandon, in khaki shorts, a blue t-shirt, and pink short-sleeved unbuttoned button-up, stands in front of the red couch in 'The Circle' Season 6.
Source: Netflix
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Who does Olivia block in 'The Circle'?

After a tension-filled cliffhanger, Episode 13 (aka the Season 6 finale) reveals the dramatic outcome. In a shocking turn of events, Olivia delivers what's been coined the "most painful block of the season," leaving Myles Reed stunned as he's blocked from the game.

Wow, talks about a plot twist!

Myles is left completely blindsided, expressing that he's been "done dirty." His allies, Kyle Fuller and QT Bullock, are equally as shocked. Kyle struggles to find words, while QT "feels so sad" and wonders who could have orchestrated such a powerful move.

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Brandon wears a clock necklace, sunglasses, baseball jersey, and backwards baseball cap during 'The Circle' Season 6.
Source: Netflix

Amid the chaos, Olivia briefly second-guesses her decision, wondering if it was the right move. However, she quickly brushes off her doubts, convincing herself that she made the best choice for her own game. In case you were wondering, it all pays off in the end!

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Myles then has the chance to meet one player face-to-face — any guesses as to who he visits? That's right, he chooses to meet QT!

Myles immediately asks QT if she's single (spoiler alert: she is), which initiates what feels like a promising first-date vibe. As they party ways, Myles tells QT he's eager to take her out on a real date — and luckily for him, she is equally as interested! Well, folks, it looks like we might be witnessing the start of a new The Circle love story.

Jordan Staff plotted to have Myles blocked from 'The Circle.'

Although Olivia is the one who makes the move, she has Jordan Staff to thank for putting the thought in her head. Earlier in Episode 12, Jordan tells Lauren LaChant and Olivia that Kyle, QT, and Myles are a trio.

He then warns Olivia and Lauren that the trio, known as "Tres Fuego," poses a significant threat because they have been running the game. He claims that if any of them (Jordan, Olivia, and Lauren) make it to the end with Tres Fuego, they don't stand a chance.

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As a result, Jordan proposes a plan where Lauren and Olivia rate him as their No. 1 player, allowing him to block Myles and take all the heat from QT and Kyle. However, Lauren and Olivia suggest that rating Myles lower would decrease his chance of being the influencer and gaining power in the game. Luckily, Jordan is 100 percent on board with their plan!

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When it comes time for ratings, the contestants learn that the highest-rated player will become the "Secret Super Influencer" — not only does this grant them the power to block someone from the game, but they can do so anonymously!

Olivia secures this influential position, but her intentions remain a mystery until the episode's last few moments. She hints at having the opportunity to prioritize her own game, expressing a desire to make a big move toward victory. And, as we now know, Olivia follows through with the plan to block Myles.

Season 6 of The Circle is now streaming on Netflix.

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