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Bayonetta and Jeanne Could Easily Be More Than Friends in the Games — Their Relationship Explained

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Oct. 26 2022, Published 3:39 p.m. ET

The world of gaming shows off some pretty iconic duos. Mario has Luigi in the Mario games, Sonic has Tails in the Sonic franchise, and even The Last of Us left an impression with the dynamic between Joel and Ellie. But if there's one duo that deserves more attention, it's Bayonetta and Jeanne from the Bayonetta series. With the latest game debuting to critical acclaim (despite some ongoing behind-the-scenes drama), the two Umbran Witches grace the Nintendo Switch once more.

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As the last surviving members of the Umbran Witches in their own realm, the two of them are like peas in a pod. But what's the true nature of their relationship? Are they simply friends? Could they be more? Let's break down what makes Bayonetta and Jeanne's relationship so unique.

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What is the nature of Bayonetta and Jeanne's relationship?

Bayonetta and Jeanne first meet as children in the distant past. They grow up on very different ends of the Umbra social hierarchy; Bayonetta (known as Cereza as a child) is treated as an outcast due to her parents' sacrilegious union and Jeanne was next in line to lead the Umbran Witches. As the two of them train together in the Dark Arts, an intense but friendly rivalry grows between them. Together, they grow up from prodigal apprentices into full-fledged witches.

They work together to fend off an army of Paradiso Angels that ambushed their clan. After the entire Umbran Clan is nearly overwhelmed, Jeanne makes one desperate act to protect her friend by sealing her away in crystal and fighting the Angels off on her own.

Several hundred years later, they reunite under mysterious circumstances. With Bayonetta having lost her memories and Jeanne having been brainwashed by the Angels, they begin dueling each other to the bitter end.

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Bayonetta is eventually able to undo the Angels' control over Jeanne and the two of them fight alongside each other once more.

At this point, calling Bayonetta and Jeanne close friends may be an understatement of their relationship. Throughout the first game, the two of them make great sacrifices in order to protect the other. In the second game, Bayonetta even goes so far as to travel to the hellish depths of Inferno to rescue Jeanne after her soul was claimed by demons.

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As the last remaining Umbran Witches in existence, it would be understandable that they try to stick together at all costs, especially considering how close they are. But there are also plenty of hints to suggest that their relationship is something more than just friends or sisters-in-arms.

In Bayonetta 2, it is revealed that Bayonetta and Jeanne live together after Jeanne makes a passing statement saying, "I'll see you back at the house," in an opening cinematic.

Their living status is directly addressed by character designer Mari Shimazaki in an official artbook. Reportedly, Bayonetta handles all of the housework around their place while Jeanne typically wakes up every day hungover from a night of partying.

Many fans have interpreted their relationship as romantic, and it's easy to see how close the two of them are in the series. As of this writing, the true nature of their relationship has not been confirmed in any official capacity. But if nothing else, the two of them are tied together with all the trappings of a lovingly dysfunctional and iconic lesbian couple!

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