Busted March Madness Brackets Are Terrible, but Memes Can Ease the Pain

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Mar. 18 2022, Published 6:07 p.m. ET

A busted bracket for the 2022 March Madness tournament
Source: Allison DeGrushe

Let the madness commence!

As of March 17, the most significant NCAA basketball tournament of all, March Madness, is well on its way to destroying anyone and everyone's brackets. Not only did No. 5 seed Iowa lose to No. 12 seed Richmond, but the biggest upset of all came from the No. 2 seed Kentucky Wildcats and No. 15 seed Saint Peter's Peacocks game.

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The nail-biter went into overtime, where the Peacocks reigned supreme and ultimately eliminated the Wildcats (the favored winners) from the tournament in the first round. Legend says we can still hear the sound of millions of busted brackets crumbling in a heap to the ground.

If you're like us and now have no chance at winning your March Madness pool, check out these memes to lessen the pain.

A basketball aims for the hoop.
Source: Getty Images

We really never had a chance.

From Iowa to Kentucky, millions of us really never had a chance at winning. Ugh — what a shame.

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If you picked Kentucky to win it all, you're not alone.

After that Kentucky upset, we were full of rage — how could this No. 2 seed, who just so happened to be the favorite to win the tournament, play like garbage during the first round?! We're not mad; we're just disappointed.

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Ugh — just get it out of our sights.

Following the massive upset losses during Day 1 of March Madness, we could hear the sound of millions of busted brackets being ripped at the seams. By the time Kentucky's loss came about, we sadly were forced to join in on the fun.

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Well, that's one way to avoid a bracket busted on Day 1.

Clearly, this individual is onto something — should we consider skipping out of March Madness next year to avoid the inevitable heartbreak? We'll think about it.

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Everyone with a busted bracket is the Riddler right now.

Though the Riddler is one scary guy, we can't help but relate to him at this moment. We had our brackets planned out, and the tournament is not going how we wanted!

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Here's a live look at the Kentucky brackets:

Similar to what Edge did to Randy Orton on WWE, we are throwing our brackets out the window without a care in the world. Nothing matters anymore, so what the hell!

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A busted bracket and a pizza not for you? Oh boy, that's just sad.

Yikes! This person clearly had one of the worst first days of March Madness ever; not only did Iowa lose and bust their bracket, but they had to order pizza for someone else — talk about a tragedy.

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That's definitely *not* awesome, baby.

Poor Dickie V; like us, his bracket is already busted. Well, that's obviously not awesome, baby.

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Never thought we'd live to see a peacock defeat a wildcat, yet here we are.

As Tyra Banks once said, "I was rooting for you; we were all rooting for you. How dare you?" Once again, thanks again for nothing, Kentucky — you truly ruined our 2022 March Madness experience.

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Well, clearly it's called March Madness for a reason!

The NCAA and March Madness tournaments don't have a single care for our brackets, and it shows. But, even though we're out of the running, we hope to see more of the underdogs continue their Cinderella stories!

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