Bria Fleming and Amir Lancaster of 'Summer House: MV' Ended Season 2 on a Sour Note

Bria and Amir's drama is far from over after the 'Summer House: Martha's Vineyard' Season 2 finale.

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

May 20 2024, Published 3:28 p.m. ET

Despite Season 2 of Summer House: Martha's Vineyard only being nine episodes long, the cast still created plenty of talked-about moments. The season finale aired on May 19, 2024, and showed that the housemates were more than ready to go home. On one of the group's final nights in the house, Bria Fleming and Amir Lancaster verbally sparred as Amir, once again, defended his girlfriend, Natalie Cortes.

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Bria and Amir have argued on Summer House: MV before, and the Season 2 finale probably won't be the last time they do so.

Here's what to know about Bria and Amir's feud.

Amir Lancaster and Bria Fleming on 'Watch What Happens Live'
Source: Bravo
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What happened between Bria Fleming and Amir Lancaster?

On Summer House: Martha's Vineyard Season 2, Bria and Amir have had issues with their respective romantic partners. However, Amir's girlfriend, Natalie, became involved in the roommates' drama and started a screaming match between him and Bria without even being in the room.

The Season 2 finale, "The Fall of Summer," opened with the aftermath of Nick Arrington defending himself against his female castmates.

At the time, several women, including Bria, Shanice Henderson, and Noelle Hughley, repeated comments Summer Marie Thomas and Jordan Emanuel made about Nick being "handsy" and overly affectionate when he drinks. The friends repeated the accusation when Nick's girlfriend, Tasia, was in the house visiting him.

After Nick expressed being hurt by his cast members, Bria and Nick seemingly made up, as he decided to move on with his vacation.

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However, Amir wasn't OK with his girlfriend being roped into the drama and told Bria how he felt.

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As Bria helped cook in the kitchen, she asked Amir why his energy was "a little low." Amir then asked why he was involved in an earlier conversation about the matter when it involved Natalie, who wasn't around to tell her side. When Shanice chimed in and told Amir the situation was "kinda dead now," Amir said he needed further clarification.

(l-r): Natalie Cortes and Amir Lancaster
Source: Bravo
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Amir's request for clarity annoyed Bria, who told Amir to "leave me out of your girlfriend's mess." She then said in a confessional that Amir needed to realize his girlfriend "is a little messy" so she could stop getting blamed for the comments about Nick. Amir said in another confessional interview that he felt Bria was trying to "spin the narrative" to make Natalie look like the main culprit.

The tension between Bria and Amir escalated when Bria told Nick their roommate's "broad" (Natalie) began the conversation about his relationship. The fashion entrepreneur then became even more frustrated and yelled at Amir to "hold responsibility for your girl, bro." Amir had enough of Bria's yelling and screamed as he told her to "stop raising your voice at me!"

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After their screaming match, Bria left the room to grab her dog, Milo, and cool down. When she returned to the living room, she said Natalie told Tasia about what Nick was doing in the house and that she did it on her own. However, Bria agreed with Jasmine Ellis Cooper that her "frustrations" led her to yell at Amir the way she did.

While Amir and Bria ended their drama in time for the group to go home, they might not be over their feud just yet.

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Ahead of the Summer House: MV Season 2 finale, Amir hinted at leaving the show in Season 3. In an interview with Positively Uncensored, Amir said he would only consider staying on the show if Natalie can be with him, stating "I want her to be there with me this time." When asked about the comments, Bria and Jasmine told Page Six they would respect Amir's choice to "stand on business" and leave the show, but Bria clarified she wouldn't do the same for her boyfriend, Simon Marco.

“I mean, I’m coming back regardless of if Simon comes back or not, so … I mean, no shade to him,” Bria said.

Summer House: Martha's Vineyard is available to stream on Peacock.

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