It's Not Looking Good for 'Summer House' Stars Ciara and West, According to Astrologer (EXCLUSIVE)

"I think she wants more of the fairy tale...I think that's what [is] hard for her and West."

Sheridan Singleton - Author

May 24 2024, Published 9:00 a.m. ET

Ciara and West on red carpet
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Season 8 of Summer House is coming closer and closer to the end, and viewers have been particularly fond of watching the blossoming romance between newcomer West Wilson and Ciara Miller.

While they are taking things easy on the show, it's clear that West is craving to get to the next level of intimacy. Ciara, however, is operating on her own time, and Astrologer Alyssa Polinsky knows the reason why.

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Alyssa Polinsky is an astrologer and tarot card reader, who was featured in Season 8 of the Bravo series.

Several of the Summer House cast members provided this information for Alyssa to use to gain insight into their personal natures and personal growth timing. So, what do Ciara and West's astrological signs say about their compatibility?

ciara west dating
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Ciara is all about her career this season on ‘Summer House’ and giving big Capricorn energy.

When getting to Ciara Miller’s birth chart, Alyssa told Distractify exclusively, “She's a double Capricorn and a Libra rising. You can tell she's not going to give in. She's never going to give in to anything that people want or do. And she is a double Capricorn, too, so she is just going to be business-motivated and driven. So the fact that we're seeing so much of her modeling and her actually exploring her career is why I think we see her in a better light this season; she's feeling like her actual natural self.”

This means West is waiting on Ciara's time, and she is the only person who will decide when they move forward.

It's clear that West wants to be intimate with Ciara. He talks about it often with everyone, but every attempt to make a move is quickly and swiftly shot down by Ciara. According to her birth chart, this behavior is normal for her sign.

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"Ciara. She's a double Capricorn and a Libra rising, so she really just wants it her way or the highway," Alyssa added. "You can tell she's not going to give in. She's really never going to give in to anything that people want or do."

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Ciara's Libra-rising means she has high expectations and enjoys the finer things in life.

Libra is another sign that lends itself to aesthetics, and Ciara's rising sign is in Libra.

"Libra rising is going to lead with aesthetic, you know? She's gorgeous," Alyssa said, adding, "Libras, they love, they love all the finer things in life. They cannot help themselves. She expects things at a certain level."

Can West give Ciara what she wants and needs for their relationship to move forward?

Ciara's high expectations may be difficult to meet, according to her birth chart, and while Alyssa was unable to get a full chart for West, she had enough information to look into their relationship desires.

Alyssa shared, "I don't know [West's] rising, but he's just more chill and hang and like, 'Let's do things,' you know?"

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West Wilson on a small tricycle looking over his left shoulder
Source: Bravo

She added, "I think she wants, you know, she wants more of the fairy tale. She has that sense to her... I think that's what [is] hard for her and West."

Watch Summer House Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo, or stream Fridays on Peacock.

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