Dolores Catania Says Jackie Goldschneider “Didn’t Really Take” to Danielle Cabral (EXCLUSIVE)

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Mar. 22 2023, Updated 5:20 p.m. ET

While Jackie Goldschneider isn’t a main cast member in Season 13 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, she is still stirring up enough drama to keep us watching her scenes. Her most recent feud with RHONJ newbie Danielle Cabral has become so intense that Jackie’s mom jumped in and said Danielle has “no class, culture, or manners” underneath Danielle’s Instagram photo.

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With all of the issues between Danielle and Jackie, we wondered how their mutual cast members might be taking the new drama. While discussing the season, Dolores Catania, who recently became friends with Danielle and had a long history with Jackie, exclusively shared with Distractify her thoughts on Danielle Cabral and Jackie Goldschneider’s feud.

(l-r): Jackie Goldschneider and Danielle Cabral 'RHONJ'
Source: Bravo

(l-r): Jackie Goldschneider and Danielle Cabral of 'RHONJ'

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Danielle Cabral and Jackie Goldschneider’s feud began during the ‘RHONJ’ Season 13 premiere.

Danielle is close friends with Teresa Giudice, who had a huge blowup with Jackie in Season 11. While Teresa and Jackie have resolved their issues, Jackie seemingly doesn’t see it for the woman Teresa said “reminds me of me” — i.e., Danielle.

Jackie and Danielle’s feud started when the co-stars met in the RHONJ season premiere. They attended a photoshoot at Margaret Josephs’s house during the premiere, including all of the Jersey housewives’ men. While Danielle cheered on her hubby, Nate Cabral, she noticed Jackie, who was there with her husband, Evan, was “eyeing her up and down,” which signaled to Danielle that Jackie didn’t like her. Danielle responded by not inviting Jackie to her mozzarella-making party even though the rest of the cast received an invite.

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Jackie confirmed Danielle’s suspicions in the third episode of the season. She claimed in the episode that the new housewife’s fashion sense was deplorable, stating her look for the day was “a train wreck [from] top to bottom.” Jackie added that Danielle’s shorts could use a strong iron, noting they looked like she took them “out of the hamper and put them on.”

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Dolores Catania told us she was “a little surprised” to see Jackie and Danielle’s feud.

Danielle has become a little closer to Dolores, as the ladies have been bonding over their shared New Yorker lifestyles.

In an exclusive interview with Distractify in mid-March 2023, Dolores weighed in on Jackie and Danielle’s growing beef.

Dolores says that, out of the many feuds this season, she “couldn’t have seen” the one between Danielle and Jackie coming.

“The Danielle and Jackie thing was a little bit of a surprise for me. Jackie was very boisterous this season about how she felt about Danielle,” Dolores told us about the feud. “So that was a little bit of strife because we're just getting to know Danielle. She just kind of, like, didn't really take to her. I couldn't have seen that coming.”

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'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' Season 13
Source: Bravo

'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' Season 13 cast

Dolores also admitted there isn’t much about RHONJ that surprises her anymore. The Paterson native says that Danielle and Jackie can move on from their feud.

“That was a little bit of a surprise, but I mean, it's OK,” Dolores shared, reminding us, "They're big girls. They can handle themselves.”

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Jackie Goldschneider doesn’t “really care” about her and Danielle Cabral’s feud.

While Dolores thinks Danielle and Jackie could eventually sort out their issues, Jackie shared on the In the Know podcast in early March 2023 that she doesn’t care either way. Days after her comments about Danielle aired, Jackie said they haven’t been able to hash out their issues, and she doesn’t see them becoming friends anytime soon.

“Danielle decided she didn't like me right from the jump, so whatever. I don't really care about that," Jackie said during that interview.

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Danielle called Jackie Goldschneider a “miserable b–ch” after Jackie brought up Danielle’s brother.

In RHONJ’s March 21 episode, “Shots and Shade,” Danielle and Jackie’s feud only worsened once alcohol and the Jersey Shore got involved. During the cast’s trip to the shore, throwing a luau gave Jackie and Danielle plenty of time to be in the same vicinity. Unsurprisingly, the party ended with Danielle calling her new nemesis a “miserable b–ch.”

The accusation from Danielle to Jackie came after Danielle overheard Jackie, Margaret, Teresa, Rachel Fuda, and Jennifer Fessler saying her name multiple times. “It brings me back to my childhood when girls would bully me,” Danielle said in a confessional. “It was really tough, and I pray to God my daughter never has to go through that.”

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After Melissa Gorga noticed Danielle getting riled up beside her husband, Nate Cabral, Melissa told her why Danielle’s name came up. During an earlier scene, Jackie and Margaret said they didn’t believe Danielle was telling the truth about her relationship with her estranged brother, Thomas DiPietro. While Danielle has said she and Thomas stopped speaking after she blocked him for making fun of her on Instagram, Jackie claims there’s more to the story Danielle doesn’t want to share because it would make her look bad.

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“She’s poking; she’s trying to make me look like an a-- in front of everybody’s eyes,” Danielle emphasized in a confessional.

The newbie also stressed that while she and Jackie share the same hometown, they’re not cut from the same cloth.

“Here’s the truth, we both come from the same place, except I’m a better version of a Staten Island girl,” Danielle said on the show.

Danielle also stated Jackie must have “balls 10 feet long to wanna go toe-to-toe with me” and added that the Boujie Kidz CEO isn’t the one to make an “enemy” of. We hope Jackie and Danielle are in a better place before The Real Housewives of New Jersey wraps for Season 13!

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