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More Than One Kardashian Has a College Degree — Can You Guess Who?


If you've ever found yourself wondering "Did any of the Kardashians go to college?," rest assured that you're not alone. It's a question we've asked ourselves more times than we can count — that is, when we're not struggling to pay off our own student debt or processing why in the world Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, with all their wealth, even bothered trying to get their kids into school in the first place.

The Kardashians are proof that you don't need a college degree to be a literal billionaire — though you might want to have an actual hustle if you want people to believe you're truly self-made

Keep reading for each of the Kardashians educational backgrounds, from the oldest to the youngest of the Klan.

1. Kris Jenner

Source: Getty

Momager extraordinaire Kris Jenner built the entire Kardashian empire. And though her impressive career as a businesswoman might make you wonder whether she she has an MBA, Kris never even went to college. She does have a high school diploma from Clairemont High School in San Diego. 

Considering her divorce from the late Robert Kardashian left her so broke she couldn't afford to buy a tomato, the 63-year-old, who now boasts a net worth of $90 million, is probably the only living member of the family who can claim the title of self-made.